Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Diva Dreams

I finally got back down to the art area to make my Collage Play With Crowabout collage. Nancy gave us some great images to use this week!

I bought some watercolor paints I thought I would experiment with last night. It didn't go so well! I don't really know how to use them yet. I also bought two new paint pens. A bright yellow and a red one. I bought these colors because in normal markers, those colors never seem to be opaque enough, especially in collaging or journaling, over a painted surface. I have some opaque markers by Marvy (I believe) that I tend to use most of the time in my collages, for that reason. Anyhow, I got all ready to use the two new ones I bought and you know how you have to shake them and then open them and press down until the paint comes?? Well with the yellow one, it never did come!!! The point is now flat, so now it would'nt matter if the paint did come out!! I was so mad! The red one worked though! :D

Why does everything break or screw up at the same time? Yesterday I woke up, turned on the computer and the keyboard was dead. I got the flashlight, layed under the table amid the dust and ladybugs and my cat Pearl swirling around my face and swatting me in the face with her tail, and unplugged it, plugged it back in, rebooted....still didn't work. Called hubby and told him I was on my way to buy a new one. You would have thought I was telling him that I was going to buy a new computer or a new car even. He said he thought he could get one from work or knew someone who had some. I said I didn't care where he got it, just get it. So yesterday I layed low since I couldn't type anything! I did find an online keyboard I could henpick with my mouse! Can yall imagine ME trying to type like that??? Oh well, no worries now, I got up this morning, turned on the computer, it's working again!!! I told him to get the new one anyhow, because yall know if I told him nevermind it would quit working the next day! See yall later! x0x0x


Terri Kahrs said...

OMG, Shelly! This page is BEYOND Fabulous!!!! You really outdid yourself. I just LOVE the whole "Diva" concept with her message; and that lamp!!!!! Too much!!!! You really made me smile!

I hope your keyboard issues are worked out. Don't know how you managed to type with a mouse!!!! Now THAT's determination, my Friend!

Big Hugs!
Terri :)

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thank you Terri! Your making me blush! I loved the images Nancy gave us! She has been coming up with some good ones! Of course I look at them and think, "what am I going to dooooo"???? That's what I love about the group though, it forces me to use my imagination!! Thanks for stopping by and for such a sweet comment!! Hugs!!

joanne said...

thank you for your lovely comments and visit...it is a joy to meet you...

i absolutely love your collage...the color and composition are just perfect...and as i commented in your flickr post i just love the little girl putting her valentine wishes in black and white...

i know what you mean about everything going wonky all at once...tonight i was right at the end of an edit in Photoshop when the batteries in my mouse suddenly went out and i couldn't find any batteries and didn't have a spare mouse and went around looking for anything with batteries that i could steal some from just so i could finish that one image...and then the computer locked up and took 15 minutes for me to figure out why...all i wanted was to just finish that one image!

please forgive me for laughing through your whole post, but it is just so easy to relate...

i am glad your keyboard healed itself and you were able to come back and post :)

BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Joanne!

I'm so glad you came by to visit me! I wish I could have made us coffee or tea and homeade cookies!!!

I'm laughing back at you (sorry!) at your battery dilema!! I always have a battery dilema with my camera, they go dead every time I turn around! It is so aggrevating, especially when you just want to do one simple thing!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on "Diva Dreams"!! The sweet image of the little girl writing her Valentine was one that Nancy, with Collage Play With Crowabout, gave us to use. She gives us a page of images once a week, and we have to use at least 3 of them in a collage. I am having an absolute blast in there. It's so funny to see what everyone does with them! So many nice and creative people in there. Speaking of collages, I will say again, how much I loved your "I Dreamed Myself a Mermaid" collage! It was beautiful, and what a lovely dream to dream! I am going back to re-look at EVERYTHING!

I am so happy to meet you too! You know what drew me to your photostream? The thoughtful and sincerity in your comments to people....I just had a feeling about you, and I was right!

Have a great day!

Hug to you!

Alberta and Ava said...

Oh, I hope I have time to play with Crowabout this week; the new computer came, so I can edit and scan to my heart's content. Like I told you on Flickr, I adore this piece because of the intricacy and placement of the patterns and the divia is divine!


BlueRidgeLady said...

Yay Alberta! Are you loving you new computer yet? I'm so excited for you!! I know you are looking forward to playing Crowabout, and thank you so much for your sweet comments on Diva :D

How was Scott's last week? Did yall find any good stuff?! Hope yall had fun! I thought about you the other night with all the bad weather! It wasn't too bad here luckily.

Enjoy yourself making more beautiful art for us to enjoy BFFF!!