Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Funny Things!

As a follow up to my last post I must tell you two stories that my sister Molly reminded me of, that happened when we were at Lakewood Antiques....... we had just gotten there and were walking up towards the first building, and there was this man there selling really cool furniture, the type that is made from vines etc. We were drawn to it and so we walked over just looking around and he was having a conversation with a woman, explaining what the piece was made out of etc. We just sort of heard the tale end of the conversation but all of a sudden we heard him say in the most southern drawl you can possibly imagine, "Nawww Ma'am, Rhodie don't bend" ROFL!!!!! I guess she thought it was made from Rhododendron branch's...... I guess not!!
We both just busted out laughing, I don't know what he thought, or if he noticed. Then I am so embarrassed to even tell ya'll about this one, but OMG it was so funny! I guess I must have gotten caught up in the frenzy of looking at these gorgeous tassels there, from one vendor....they were so pretty, and some in all sizes......and after looking at them for a while, I finally bought several of them, and I had it in my mind that I was going to hang them from the posts on my bed. Oh I couldn't wait to see how they looked! So we got back to my house and my sister was still there, and I got them out and said "c'mon, lets see how they we went in there and I just stopped dead in my tracks when I came into the bedroom. I had forgotten that we had a new bed!!!!!!!!!! It was an iron scrolly headboard on both ends, and I didn't even have the four poster bed frame anymore because we gave it to my stepdaughter Pam when we got the new bed! DUhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......she didn't think about it either, but when we realized how stupid it all was we both just fell on the bed laughing our heads off!!!!!! I got up somehow and mimiced me putting it on the post that wasn't even there! It all worked out though, I found places for them anyhow! Silly me!!! I hope you all have a creative fun day! I am going to get some hi-lites today! Yay! No more mousy brown :D See yall!


Alberta and Ava said...

I'll bet you money that you and I were at Lakewood at the same time!I used to go almpst every month, and I would always wait until Sunday afternoon because you could get the best buys from dealers who didn't want to have to pack and transport everything back home again.

Now I go to Scott's Antique Market the second weekend of every month. In fact, my sister and I will be there bright and early tomorrow morning. You should give it a try too sometime.

Let me know if you ever decide to make the trip, and we'll meet!


Taluula said...

I loved listening to your stories. Sounds like you had a wild time.

BlueRidgeLady said...

That is wild Alberta! I figured you had been too! You and Ava rooting through all the cool stuff, just like Molly and I! We usually went on Fridays, sometimes dragging the girls with us....boring them to they would probably love it!!! When we went to the Flower Show we saw that girl threre (she was a vendor) that had all the cool shabby chic stuff at Lakewood? I can't remember what building she was in- but she was always so nice- she is where I bought my "GrowDammit" sign! Anyways, she gave us her card and says she is at Scott's now! She said lots of the vendors went there from Lakewood. So don't think I wasn't thinking about going!! The mind was clicking! I'm coming down there neighbors up here at the cabin live in Decatur, and as I type, they are in the air on their way to Africa!!! Oh man, what an adventure they are going to have!!!! Anyways, sometimes when they are up here my husband will stay at their house to save an hr and half drove from, he is going to stay there and sorta house sit, and keep care of their adorable kitties, it will help them and help him out too, sooooo.....since tomorrow is Valentines Day, I thought I would go down and spend the night with my sweetie, and maybe go eat or something...I don't know if I could get down there and get him to go to Scotts...he sorta likes to do stuff like that sometimes, but he walks throught there 100 MPH and I like to linger and look at every single thing! Soooo....might not make it this month! That would be so cool to go and meet there sometime!!! Maybe we will sometime!! Yall have fun and look for Shabby Chic lady!! x0x

BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Taluula! I'm so glad you enjoy them! I tell ya, I probably have a slew of them to tell! I have hesitated sooo many times from starting a blog...thinking that my life is so uninteresting and quiet compared to some, but as the stories I remember and issues going on in my life crop up, ya'll will hear about them! After all, I guess that's what it's all sure makes it more special, having my friends around who care!! Thank you for being here! See you later! x0x

TonyaA said...

LOL! I love to hear stories like these. Thank you for bringing a smile on my face.
Love Ya!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Tonya!

LOL! Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you had a good weekend, and that you got to work on some ART :D! I hope to tonight! Talk to you soon! x0x0x

Snap said...

I loved your stories. Isn't it nice being human and getting caught up in things we love?!!!

Holly Loves Art said...

I LOVE this work. Isn't Nancy great? I love how you've made this so colorful and fun... lots to seeeeee! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I'm so happy I've found yours now. Will be back!


BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Holly!

Thank youuuu so much!! I can't wait to get started on this weeks collage! I'm so glad you came by and I will be stopping by to see your beautiful blog and your art, that you know I think is so amazing!