Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Garden Scenery!

I had such a fun day last Friday. I went to my sister Molly's house. We took a yard tour where I took these pictures. Her Goldmound Spirea was just beginning to open and it was GLOWING! She had vinca growing under it so it really hilighted it. I saw some at Home Depot yesterday, so now I have two! Everyone should have one of these, or two!
I took the birdhouse picture because I have always loved that birdhouse....I would love to learn to do that...where you attach pieces of glass to a pot or whatever you choose to work on. I believe I will be taking that hobby up one of these days. My daughter Kathryn's boyfriends mother (wow) Joan, does it, and she makes some of the most beautiful things.. she also paints and is one artistic and creative woman!! Sooo...anyway, you can see Molly's perennial garden in the background...let me say that it is just cranking up....the roses haven't bloomed and the Earnest Markham clematis that takes over the trellis it is on......but you can surely notice the EUPHORBIA "Wulfendii" looming in the background can't you?? Everyone needs two of these too! I have them at my mailbox and I have had so many people ask me about them. I will show you mine when they are worthy.
We finished the tour of her yard, then walked across the street to her neighbor Linda's for a tour of her yard. Be glad I forgot my camera or you would have been here the entire day....I have never seen so many plants in my life! Bulbs popping up all over the place....she has 4 FAIRY HOUSES!!! I can't even explain it all....I will be going back and I will have my you will need to get some coffee, maybe your breakfast, and lunch and come spend the day with meeee!!!
Then for the hilight of the day....another neighbor was having a 'GOLD" party! You know, where you take any gold scraps ya have and someone is there to asses it all, and give you money for it?! Well... I had a little bag of stuff I have saved over the years...old broken necklaces.....earrings I didn't wear..etc......and I got $382.00!!!! Will come in handy....PLANTS must be bought!

I took this day before yesterday on a little walk over to my neighbors, I knew to take my camera...since it was "sunset" time!! It was so strange, when I watched it go down, you could see a trace above it where it dropped out of the sky! Love it all.... ya'll have a great day today!


Terri Kahrs said...

Hey, Shelly!!!! Ooohhh . . . I'm SO longing to see "growing things"!!! Thank you SO much for the "tour". I'm with you in spirit, My Friend!!! Can't wait to see more pictures . . . I'm a garden junkie. I KNEW we had a lot in common. Little Diva Dog finished off my clematis last year. Am debating whether or not I want to try another one.

Love the little birdhouse! I think you'd make some magnificent stuff if you took it up! BIG hugs! Terri xoxo

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thanks so much Terri! You always brighten my day! You know I will have many many more garden pictures to share with you!! Plants and art is there anything any better? Of course not! Big hugs back!! x0x