Monday, April 27, 2009

Lily is Here!

Here she is! This is my daughter Alyssa with her new puppy Lily!!!! She couldn't get it as soon as she had thought because as you can see she is still a little rascal!! She was able to pick her up yesterday! Kathryn's cat Sophia has not met her...that will be interesting. They are keeping them apart for now. I haven't gotten to meet her yet!! I have to go down to where the girls are tomorrow for a doctors appointment, I just may have to swing by and hold both of them!! Alyssa is so excited, she didn't want to leave her to go to work today. I will keep you all posted, I just haaaad to show her to you all! Have a great night friends!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi Yall!

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post! My camera is having issues! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! Guess what? It's our 24th Anniversary today! We are going out to eat tonight to celebrate! Should be fun! I know I haven't been around much lately..I've been working outside alot and still digging in the dirt! I've been worn out at the end of the day and haven't done any art lately either! I miss it and am ready to get back to it and to my blog. I miss you all and hope that you all have a great weekend!!! Hugs! xoxoxoxox

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Squash Casserole Gone Wrong

I wasn't even going to blog this...but decided to anyhow....I was writing a story that you can't read, about me making the Squash casserole I was taking for Easter dinner. Let me take yall back to the Squash Casserole I made a couple of years ago, that didn't make it to the dinner...I finally got it made....after it took wayyyyy longer than it said it would....and after I dirtied up every dish, bowl, spoon I owned. I bought a special cool container to put it in. One of those kind you can microwave? How smart....I was exhausted and couldn't wait to put it in the refrigerator and I picked it up and the entire special cool container caved in the middle and the entire casserole landed on my feet. Now my feet are burning and I'm PISSED! I had to clean it all up and go to bed with no casserole to take and I wasted all that time! This time it was nothing that any means....but I was making this Squash casserole, dirtying up every single bowl and utensil around...and the recipe calls for 4 1/2 eggs. What!? How bout 3 or 5? So I cracked all 4 of the eggs and got to the last one, cuz this casserole was gonna have 5 eggs I decided......and the 5th egg looked all milky and strange......I had never seen an egg look that way....well good. So does this mean something is wrong with the egg??'s fine, it will be fine......but will it? Do I really want to give my entire family and Alex's family salmonella?? Certainly not! So you know what that means, 5 more new eggs! Have you ever tried to throw away 5 eggs? I poured them into a baggie hoping it would stay shut, I guess it did! Needless to say we all lived through it and they even enjoyed it, which made it all worth it :D

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pics and Various Other Things

Pretty kitchen window! I took this yesterday in Joans (Alex's Moms) kitchen....I knew it was going to be pretty when I took it....I love the smiling man!
Kathryn and Alex, aren't they sweet? I loved this picture of them! See the swing they are sitting in? Well.....Kathryn spent the night with them last night after we left and she said when she woke up this morning she heard the wind get up and heard something crash and went out there and that swing blew over and was hanging off the side of the deck!! Then, she had to leave for she called me and told me about it and while I was talking to her she was saying there was debris laying everywhere and I could tell by her voice she was getting concerned, then she ran over something that fell in front of her car, she had to stop and pull it out from her tire, she gets back in the car and by now she is freaking out....she thought a tornado was coming........I'm trying to calm her down and freaking out at the same time. She turns onto the road she works on and there is a tree down blocking the road......she then says "I gotta go Mom"!

I come running up my stairs to check the weather channel to make sure there isn't a tornado warning. None so far, just high wind advisory......lots of trees have fallen in the area....lots of power outages.....Kat, called back and had to go some roundabout way to work, and none of the traffic lights were working........boy I was glad she made it to work!!! I was thinking I might need to go lay back down after that episode!!! Ready for this stuff to be over.....
Easter Family picture, me, Alyssa, Kathryn and my handsome husband, Raymond or sometimes we call him RayMan!
Joans pretty pot....this is one of the mosaic pots she made! Thought it looked so pretty out there with the plants around it.
Everything looked so their house....this is the little pond in the breezeway coming from the front of their house back to the deck. June is the cute little girl getting ready to blow bubbles and throwing pebbles into the pond. She is the daughter of one of their friends. All the children looked so sweet in their Easter clothes!
We had such a great time....everything was not only so pretty, but I've never seen so much food in my life, and everything, every dish was mouthwatering delicious....I was so full when we left.....I think I still am full!!! But what a beautiful day with a beautiful family :D
Took this the other day....not really Easter related.... it was just a pretty day and I am starting to see some bright green in the trees, I will take more again in a few days! I guess some people were burning something down in the valley.
Poor "Little One" had a hard day....... she looks like I felt yesterday! When we got home this is what we saw LOL!!!!
Kinda ready to get back to some art today, I told Molly I was posting on my blog and then going to work on a collage and she told me that I was "bollaging" today....are you bollaging today? Enjoy it, whatever you do!

Friday, April 10, 2009

How Bout These...& the Visit

Hi Yall! Here's a few pictures I took of our outing yesterday. I wanted to surprise sister Molly and niece Megan about where I was taking them yesterday....I took them here... to see these....... it's a little place up near Young Harris, GA., called Sleepy Hollow! Just a cute little must see...with a little store and all sorts of cute fairy stuff and they even have art supplies!! I bought some glittery pens and a little this and a little that....I'm going back for one of the smaller fairy houses when I can though!!! They were so surprised when I just wheeled in there! It was so funny. Then we took off and had some lunch and then I took them up to Hayesville, N.C. to one of my favorite nurseries (Lewis Nursery)...we both bought several add to the "need to plant" collection I have lined up outside and in my basement! What am I thinking!??? Ah well I can't help myself, it's a compulsion I have.....but we just enjoyed the day so much. It was just that perfect day, where there was a warm gentle wind blowing and sunshiny.....just perfect. It's such a pretty drive over there seeing the mountains looming in the background while looking at Lake Chatuge....and cows lovely.
We came home and did a yard tour so I could show Molly all the stuff coming up so far. Then we put on the coffee and that pot of chili I had made the night before....we ate that and decided to play Scattergories till Megan announced she was not playing anymore, because she had to go call boyfriend Austin....but that all worked out, because then it was about time for that glass of wine and piece of Key Lime Pie Molly brought!!! I think I've gained 10 lbs since they got here! They left this morning about 11:30 heading back home, hoping to dodge the hail and heavy rain! Miss them already! Boy this morning I woke up about 7ish and heard this repeatish-ish rumbling...I thought it was my cat with her paw under the door trying to get was thunder!!!! We got over that spell, now more to come. It's okay, because we need it and it will help with the pollen issues. Easter Sunday will be glorious I just bet. I am excited because was are going to my daughters boyfriends house for a visit and a wonderful, delicious Easter Dinner. I love their family and can't wait to see them! I forgot to tell yall about oldest....she has decided she has to have a is getting a "Yorkie" puppy tomorrow!!!! She will have it with her when she meets us there on Sunday! She is going to be named "Lily". Lily Anne! Told her that her life is about to change!!! It will be interesting....but no doubt she will be precious! Pics to come later! Ya'll have a beautiful Easter holiday and I will be talking to ya!! Hugs xox

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Happy Spring!!!! Can't believe it! Luckily the roads are okay! Hubby left for work bright and early! Had no problems. It sure is pretty! I might take a ride later and take more pics on my road. But.....I'm sad about the plants! Don't know what to expect now. I am excited though, Molly and my niece Megan are coming up for a little visit! Gotta get cleaning around here, yall know how it is when you have company, gotta clean the house! Can't wait to see them though!
Just wanted to share these before it melts! Hope everyone is having a good day. See yall!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Funny Video!

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend! The temp. is dropping and we are in a wind advisory here....wondering if we are going to get snow! Wish I had a pretty garden picture or new collage page to post! I haven't even started on my Crowabout page for the week yet! I do have this to show you all though! It's a video that my Mom, Barbara sent to me. Hope it makes your day like it did mine :D Talk to yall soon!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flower Seller

The Flower Seller sits with her hands in her lap,

When she's not crying Roses, she's taking a nap;

Her bonnet is queer, and she calls you My Dear,

And sells you the lovliest things of the year.

Good Morning! Just wanted to pop in and post my latest collage "Flower Seller" I would love to be in that collage...walking in that lovely little neighborhood....coming across the Flower Seller Lady. I bet she would have some stories to tell!

Looks like a good day to work in the yard! The weather sayssss it is going to go below freezing Mon. & Tues night here!!!! I have even heard there is a chance of snow showers! Of course you all know this concerns me. Keep your fingers crossed for meeee!

I just got back from Flickr where I was posting the collage and something really strange happened to me. I am bringing it up because I want to know if anything like this happened to any of you. I was posting the collage to my groups...clicking them on down the line...and all of a sudden.....some horrid words popped up as the title to a group in was in! I can't repeat them here and was totally appalled! Let's just say, it was pretty racial. I was pretty ticked off too! So someone sabotaged the group! I was so freaked out I ran and deleted myself out of the group...I don't even know which group it was! All the pictures submitted by everyone looked normal, and I had only submitted 3 pictures to the group....I think it might be a newer one I joined. It made me even madder thinking that people who I might have wanted to become contacts with or anyone looking at my profile would see that I was a member of THAT group!! Soooo...if anyone reading this saw that....they will now know why!!

I just wanna thank you all for coming by and hanging out with me! I appreciate you all every day and hope you know how special you all are to me!

Gotta get moving around here....hope you all have a beautiful day!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Stuff

Collage Play with Crowabout- Week 30


Let me try this AGAIN!

This will be only the second time I have tried to post this today. I was editing it after I posted it the first time, and forgot to click "save".... taking a deep breath....
Happy April Fool's Day!!!! I love this day....I always have.....I'm trying to think of a little joke of some sort to play on the family.....hmmmmm.........
I am posting my latest collages. I was trying to experiment with layering when I was making ROSE FAIRY. I painted the entire page a blue color, then colored over the top of that with a pink hiliter pen, then wrote all over it with this metallic blue pen I have.....then sponged over the top with the green and blue......I swear I did......cant cha tell??? NO!!! I can't even tell!!! I am still working on that technique....but I was happy with it otherwise.
As for the "TORN" collage.....well.....taking a deep breath......I had a little was late as it often is when I am working on my collages. I had finished pasting on all the images, and was getting ready to do the writing....the writing that I always dread....I am intimidated by the writing!! I'm not good at it and I never know which pen will make it through till the end, even though I have new ones. So I'm writing away...half dozing off evidently....and then I am outlining the letters...hating them.... and then I realize something doesn't look right....oh NO! I forgot to put the "G" in the word "Strength"!!! I was so mad, at ME! So.... got the paint back out and had to try and recover....and had to cram the "G" in there....the white pen deciding not to work this time.....I finally do the best I can with it.....analyzing and dozing.....then I'm thinking something still doesn't look right...... OMG....I forgot to put the "G" in the word "THOUGHTS"!!!! By now, I am LIVID...and gritting my teeth so hard, I can't believe they didn't the paint back out, retouch, cram that "G" in there....white pen still not working up to par.....but I get through is beginning to improve....I'm reading along...dozing....and then I realize....something doesn't look quite right.........oh for crying out LOUD!!!! I forgot to put an "A" in Eleanor Roosevelt's name at the end of the quote!!!!!!!!! Well I couldn't spell HER name wrong!!!! know the rest!!!! By the time I was done...I wanted to RIP "TORN" to shreds!!!!!!!
Been waiting on a pretty day to get back to work outside...ya'll know I have this phobia of working outside when it isn't pretty.....I have 25 bags of mulch sitting there waiting on me to spread....I have a whole line of plants I have friend Donna gave me lots of Louisianna Gamecock Iris and some Yellow Flag Iris....and lots of other things we don't know the names of....thank you Donna!!!! Then all the stuff I have bought lately...dianthus, lithodora, snapdragons, azaleas, goldmound spirea, and my new Coral Bark Maple!!! I did manage to get some cleaning done in my much neglected little cabin! I vacuumed and mopped the floors!! Things just have to take turns around here...things can't all look good at the same time can they??!!! Ya'll have a good day! xoxox