Friday, April 10, 2009

How Bout These...& the Visit

Hi Yall! Here's a few pictures I took of our outing yesterday. I wanted to surprise sister Molly and niece Megan about where I was taking them yesterday....I took them here... to see these....... it's a little place up near Young Harris, GA., called Sleepy Hollow! Just a cute little must see...with a little store and all sorts of cute fairy stuff and they even have art supplies!! I bought some glittery pens and a little this and a little that....I'm going back for one of the smaller fairy houses when I can though!!! They were so surprised when I just wheeled in there! It was so funny. Then we took off and had some lunch and then I took them up to Hayesville, N.C. to one of my favorite nurseries (Lewis Nursery)...we both bought several add to the "need to plant" collection I have lined up outside and in my basement! What am I thinking!??? Ah well I can't help myself, it's a compulsion I have.....but we just enjoyed the day so much. It was just that perfect day, where there was a warm gentle wind blowing and sunshiny.....just perfect. It's such a pretty drive over there seeing the mountains looming in the background while looking at Lake Chatuge....and cows lovely.
We came home and did a yard tour so I could show Molly all the stuff coming up so far. Then we put on the coffee and that pot of chili I had made the night before....we ate that and decided to play Scattergories till Megan announced she was not playing anymore, because she had to go call boyfriend Austin....but that all worked out, because then it was about time for that glass of wine and piece of Key Lime Pie Molly brought!!! I think I've gained 10 lbs since they got here! They left this morning about 11:30 heading back home, hoping to dodge the hail and heavy rain! Miss them already! Boy this morning I woke up about 7ish and heard this repeatish-ish rumbling...I thought it was my cat with her paw under the door trying to get was thunder!!!! We got over that spell, now more to come. It's okay, because we need it and it will help with the pollen issues. Easter Sunday will be glorious I just bet. I am excited because was are going to my daughters boyfriends house for a visit and a wonderful, delicious Easter Dinner. I love their family and can't wait to see them! I forgot to tell yall about oldest....she has decided she has to have a is getting a "Yorkie" puppy tomorrow!!!! She will have it with her when she meets us there on Sunday! She is going to be named "Lily". Lily Anne! Told her that her life is about to change!!! It will be interesting....but no doubt she will be precious! Pics to come later! Ya'll have a beautiful Easter holiday and I will be talking to ya!! Hugs xox


Terri Kahrs said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit! Thank you, thank you for sharing these great pictures, Shelly. Everything is SO green and pretty; and I LOVE the little fairy houses! Can't blame you for wanting to go back for one of your own.

Oooooo!!! A PUPPY! Lilly!!!! How cute and SO appropriately named for the Easter Holiday!!! My friend has two Yorkies and loves them dearly. May Lilly have a long, healthy and happy life!!!! Tons of Love and Easter Blessings! xoxo

Susan said...

What a great outing. Isn't Megan adorable. These fairy houses are too cute, I can visualize one in my back yard. Naming the puppy Lilly is wonderful. You can also call her Susan, as it is derived from the Hebrew word for Lilly. Have a great weekend!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Shelly! First, thank you for always being such a good friend and for all of your ongoing never ending support. Your kind words ESPECIALLY meant a lot today and I just want to truly thank you. You are very special to me.

Now, about this post . . . I'm so jealous! I want to live in one of those cute little houses. Seriously, if I could build a real human size house to look like one of those I would in a heart beat. Well, I am jealous of the whole day. It sounds just heavenly and I am so glad you had it to enjoy - you deserve all the good things that come your way.

I hope the rest of your weekend is just wonderful and fabulous too! Thanks again,

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thanks Terri, Lily, oops I mean Susan, and Marsha for comin to see me!! Glad yall enjoyed the pics! Alyssa can't get Lily till next weekend...the breeder thought she was still too little. Alyssa was devestated of course....but I made her realize she didn't wanna get her too soon etc, so she's really fine...she will be here soon enough :D She already has bows for her and who knows what else!

You all have a beautiful Easter!

Love to yall!

Taluula said...

Sounds like you had a good time and those houses were so wonderful, I could so use them in my quirky art - I'm so jealous. I love to read your pieces, keep em coming.

Ozstuff said...

It is Sunday Easter morn here in Australia. I hope you and your family have a peace and happy day.
Your photos are wonderful. I do so love reading your blog. It is always full of delicious goodies - verbal and pictorial!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thank you Ann and Marie! Hope you both are having a good weekend. It's a beautiful day here in Blue Ridge! Thanks for coming by.