Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Happy Spring!!!! Can't believe it! Luckily the roads are okay! Hubby left for work bright and early! Had no problems. It sure is pretty! I might take a ride later and take more pics on my road. But.....I'm sad about the plants! Don't know what to expect now. I am excited though, Molly and my niece Megan are coming up for a little visit! Gotta get cleaning around here, yall know how it is when you have company, gotta clean the house! Can't wait to see them though!
Just wanted to share these before it melts! Hope everyone is having a good day. See yall!!


Susan said...

Oh my, my, my. What a great little surprise. I love your little friend all covered with snow. Everything looks so cozy, but it's time for spring! Stop looking out the window and get that dusting done. Have a good visit. Susan

Shelly said...

We got a bit here too! Thankfully it wasn't too much. Crazy spring weather! Hope your plants all make it through. Hugs!

Terri Kahrs said...

We had some snow showers this morning too!!! If this keeps up, the Easter Bunny will need snowshoes!!!!

Hope you get everything finished in time to greet your company. And hope you have a GREAT day too! Love Ya! xoxoxo

Anne said...

Hope you have a wonderful visit! :-)