Thursday, May 28, 2009


This collage is for Collage Play With Crowabout Group in Flickr. Had lots of fun creating this one! The corners are actually a kaleidoscope I made from one of my collages. I printed it and cut it to form the corners.

We have been busy around here! Last week from Thurs.-Sat. evening we were helping our girls move. They moved from the house they were renting, into an apartment. Whewww....I never thought we would get everything out of that house! It was exhausting as moving always is...but we had such fun together, and by the time we left on Saturday, the apartment was looking good!

Hope that you all are having a good week!


Friday, May 15, 2009

La Mira

Well thanks to my sweet friend Terri at http://http//
I have learned to scan my collages!!! She was so kind to send me step by step instructions, that explained how do it. You see I had the scanner, I just never knew how to "use" the scanner! It was easy! Simple Simon! I wondered why I didn't learn how to use it along time ago! Thanks Terri, so much for your help and friendship!

She also told me that I had no excuses now since my camera wasn't working, sooo I knew
I had to participate in the COLLAGE PLAY WITH CROWABOUT challenge at Flickr this week!
I have seriously missed it and all my blog and Flickr friends so much. Been a busy bee working in the I still don't have everything planted....never will......because you see I keep buying more! I did get some of my pots on my deck done, and that makes me happy.

Back to the collage though, I really really needed that push from Terri to play. I had the creative block thing going on for way to long....that we all get.....yep the dreaded disease....such a beast....the challenge "forced" me to come up with something... but it was still HARD!!!
You all would be so embarrassed for me, if you saw my work area downstairs.....Hurricane Katrina comes to mind. Another project for me! Yay!! Gotta have it all clean again to work in, so I can mess it up again!

Hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Funny Visual!

The bottom of my drawer in my kitchen island, the big one with all the utensils, etc. became detatched from the groove that holds the bottom piece in. I discovered it one day when I opened it and most of the stuff in it spilled out all over the floor and into the bottom of the inside of the island. I was too busy to deal with it then, so I got this basket I had and just piled the stuff I picked up into it. It was sitting on the counter by the refridgerator. I was still to busy to deal with it all a few days later, and my husband said he would pick up some glue, fix it etc. Well he kept forgetting and I kept forgetting and finally this morning I decided I couldn't stand it anymore, so today was the day I decided! So I took everything out that was still in there and found some gorilla glue. I couldnt get the piece to move into the groove like it needed to be so I realized I was going to have to lay down under the drawer and hammer the thing into the opening...I was hammering it in from the underside with a wrench I found in the other drawer. All of a sudden the whole entire drawer comes flying out of the island over my head (luckily) and slams out onto the floor!!!! Can you visualize??? Then, since it didn't land on my face I had to laugh at how stupid it all now I am laying on my back on the floor laughing and trying to "get up"...I was like a roach on my back......I finally got up and realized that duhhh I should have taken the darn thing out to fix it in the first place!!!!! So I saw where it had pulled loose from the little u shaped nail thingy, so I hammered it back and put two pieces of duct tape on each side. Thank goodness for duct tape and gorilla glue!!! Now one of these days I have to do the same thing to the one in my pantry. I won't be laying in the bottom of it hammering it though. because it has canned goods on it and I would so hate to get pelted in the face by cans of green beans, corn, baked beans, tomato sauce and whatever else is in there!

I took some garden pictures to show yall the other day and none of them turned out, my camera is toast. Gonna have to see about getting a new one. Thats why I haven't shared any pictures lately. But I will ASAP! Hope you all are doing good and that you all have a fabulous
MOTHER'S DAY !!!!!!!!