Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Garden Pictures!

It's been a while! I knowwww.... I have missed everyone so much!!! Been busy visiting with family. Have had such a nice time seeing my Mom and Aunt Gail and my sister and niece. I can not take credit for these garden photos! Gail took them with her camera of my yard. I thought perhaps you all would enjoy them and did you notice the little visitor we see from time to time on the rock?? I've been working on a collage for a friend....its going well and as soon as I complete and send I will post for you all to see :D I've also been working on some jewelry and just today took some pieces over to SPA BEAUTIFUL in Blue Ridge where I am hoping to sell some!!! But things are going great and am looking forward to making more collages and hopefully catching up on all of your blogs and latest work that I have missed so much!!!
See yall later!! x0x

Monday, June 15, 2009

Smile, Laugh, Dream

This collage was for the Collage Play with Crowabout challenge. I didn't play last week and ended up combining last weeks and probably several other weeks images into this one! Yes a little bit of everything!!

Looking forward to seeing my Mom and Aunt! We always have such a good time together. My Mom lives in Florida, and I love to go visit her. Onetime during Spring break Molly and I took our girls down to our Moms for a visit. About the 2nd day there, Mollys daughter, my niece, got sick. Had the stomach virus. Had to go straight to bed, sick as a dog...next day...one of my daughters gets sick....it was awful!!! Gets worse though...next day my other daughter sick.......by now it was like the inpending doom of when it was going to hit me or anyone else. I was seriously thinking of throwing everything in the car and fleeing back to GA! So I layed there as long as I could that morning and finally I couldnt stand it anymore! I got up and went in and woke up Molly...I stuck my head in the door and whispered..."Lets go"!!!! She just looked at me and said "yeaaaaaa" so we go wake up my Mom and step dad and tell them we are leaving. As we are gathering up stuff and packing Molly says "Um I dont feel so good" and the next thing I know she's SICK!!! By now I am franic....so my girls were staying a couple of weeks with Mom anyhow so Molly said to take her car home and they would fly home. So I did! I fled out of there on two wheels......just hoping so badly that it didn't hit me in Valdosta or somewhere ....but I make it back to Atlanta fine....I've already stopped by the store for my saltine crackers and sprite! I'm feeling fine though! Never did get sick!!! My Mom and stepdad never did either...so glad, but felt so bad for Molly and the girls! Anyway, the next year we went back again......and on the way there, we decided to play a joke on Mom and Donnie. We stopped at the store and bought facial masks!!!! We decided we would pull up and all have them on! So we were almost to their house and we all had the masks on laughing hysterically.....we turn into the drive way and what do we see? Mom and Donnie are sitting there on the front porch waiting on us and they have the same masks on!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! ROFL!!! Haaahh haa it was so funny! Everyone was laughing so hard we couldnt breathe!!! It took us 20 minutes to finish laughing so we could unload the car!!! I could tell you a thousand more stories....but I guess that is for another post!
Have sweet dreams!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well Heyyyy! Yep I'm still here! Wheww wee, got done with this collage just in time to post to Collage Play With Crowabout on Flickr. Was a bit of a challenge for me this week for sure!

Pretty days here on the mountain lately! Guess what!? My Mom and Aunt are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks!!! I can't wait!! Looking forward to sitting on the porch with our coffee or maybe a toddy and catching up and just hanging out. My sister Molly, yall know Molly...and niece Megan will come up this coming week for a couple of days too!!! YAY!! I will have to think of an adventure for us to partake in!

Lily report!!! Lily for those that don't know, is my daughter Alyssa's new puppy Yorkie... I got to see her when we went down to help them move a couple of weeks ago... she is still so little. I still laugh and laugh when I see her running all over the place, it's the funniest thing you've ever seen, and guess what?? Alyssa said she bought her a dress!!!! She said she put it on her and she was paralyzed!!! She didn't know what to do!!! She said she looked like Toto!! I will surely have to get her to send me a picture of the little Miss Priss with her new dress on, and I will show you all!!

I hope that you all are all doing well and enjoying your summer!