Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well my goodness! I have recently received two awards! The first one is from my special friend Bev at My Creative World . Bev is one of the nicest and most sincere people I have met. You will want to visit her blog to appreciate her beautiful art!!! Her talent ranges from Folk Art to gorgeous landscape scenes and not only that, she is a brilliant collage artist, and I'm proud to say my friend. Thank you so much sweet Bevie!!
The second lovely award I received is from the lovely Alberta at Amusing Muses ! We have bonded as friends from the minute I met her on Flickr. Thank you so much Alberta, for sharing your amazing art. Your talent and style is undeniable to all of us who know you, she is also a teacher, a teacher like I wished I had had in school. What a difference I know she will make in the lives of her students! Visit her blog to see her art and beautiful pictures and read her stories about what inspires her work. Thank you Alberta!
In turn, I am sending both of these awards to some of my special blog friends that I admire, and hope you will visit their blogs for your viewing pleasure!!!
Bev at Vini Vidi Vlog. Bev creates the coolest and most creative digital collages!! I would love to learn this technique and am always so amazed at her talent. She is also one of the funniest people I have met on Flickr. I love her wit and sense of humor.

Marie at Life is Art , another funny, funny lady and brilliant digital collage artist, who's work I am so in love with. Her collage work is exceptional and gorgeous!
Holly at Holly Loves Art. I have admired her art for sometime now. Her collages have such a lovely, feminine twist to them, and are so pleasing to the eye.
Snap at Tales from Twisty Lane, visit her blog for a feast of variety! Everything from her amazing art, to movies she has seen and books she is reading, and pictures of her cute cats!!
Silke at Metamorphosis. Silke is a new friend who's blog I am enjoying alot. Reading about her life and pets, seeing all her pictures...a really fun escape for me! Such a neat variety of subjects and even recipes! I am such a fan of her art and sense of style.
Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! You all are my "cure!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My latest collage :D I loved playing in the Crowabout Group this week on Flickr. Nancy posted some really fun images for us to use this week! When I saw the disco ball and the pink Metro 1970 image it took me back. I have always been a big fan of 1970's art Psychedelic art....Peter Max stuff for an example.....the poster art etc. I am amazed at the artists who created them. I loved the fonts....and the colors......and of course, the flowers!!!!! I was just talking to my daughter about how we used to make big paper flowers, remember them?? I wish I could find the "Fun Flowers" present I got as a gift for Christmas one year......kinda like creepy crawlers but boys always had those....we girls had Fun Flowers! The neon goop that we squeezed into the molds, I can still smell. We used to lay the finished flowers up into the light globes in our rooms and they all looked so pretty with the light shining above them.

I am beginning to feel better, I have been recuperating from another Diverticulitis flare up.....the antibiotics are starting to do their job. The doctor says if I have another one he will want to do another ct scan......sure isn't much fun......but I am feeling much better and am at this very moment, waiting for my brother Mike and my niece and nephew to pull up! They came up from Fl. for a vacation and are coming to spend the night with us!!! Can't wait to see them!

Better get crackin around here, but just wanted to say hello!

See y'all soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I finished this collage last night. Since one of the images we could use was the word "Fairytale," it reminded me of a story I read my daughter Kathryn when she was little, so I journaled about that on the collage. It's a funny story that we still laugh about!

I wasn't happy with the background the entire time I was gluing the images down. It was too pale and after I got everything glued where I wanted it, I got the paint back out and added more color! Then I journaled on top around the images.

It has been so nice here! I have had the windows open for the past few days! I got up yesterday morning and it was 55 degrees!! I'm loving it! Highly unusual for July. Speaking of July, it's my MOM Barbara's BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!! I love you and miss you already!! Time to make coffee and give her a call!
Hope you all have a beautiful day, and I will talk to you soon!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well Hello!

My daughter Kathryn called me crying yesterday morning...."Mom, I totalled my car" know that sickening sinking feeling you feel when you hear things like this? Well I had just opened my eyes and was staggering into the kitchen to fix my coffee....thank God she was okay. Luckily I was planning on driving down to spend the night with Molly anyhow, so I could see Kathryn too. She hit her head so her boyfriend took her to the hospital to get checked out and they said she was fine. They came over to Mollys later in the day.....Alyssa didn't get to come because she had to study for a test. Kathryn is so sore all over, I felt so sorry for her!!! Just so glad she is okay. I guess I will never get over my nervousness of them driving no matter how old they are!

We had so much fun at Molly's! She made spaghetti and it was delicious! We played Guesstures and Scattergories. It was hilarious as always! Today I had to take her to pick up her van where it was being repaired. We decided would visit some of the shops in town. Lots of things to drool over and admire!!!

Over the past weekend, Kathryn and Alex came up here for the weekend. On Friday, Kathryn and I were taking some things over to put in my jewelry case at the Spa....I had bought this glass bowl and some pretty marbles I was going to put in it. Since the Spa had customers I took the bowl and marbles outside to pour them in because I was trying to be quiet. I came back inside the store and Kathryn was sitting on the floor arranging the jewelry inside the case. I'm standing there holding the bowl of marbles and all of a sudden out of no where the bowl degenerates in my hand and shatters onto the floor!!!! Miniature shards of glass and marbles were everyyyyy whereee!!!!!! Well great!! I just stood there stunned. So my friend Jane who works there, swept up the glass and we sifted through it all and rescued all the marbles. What a mess!!! I was so much for being quiet!!!! Then, had to go buy another bowl to put in there! We finally got everything under control! Glad Kathryn escaped injury that day too!!!!

I've been working on collages a little but am so behind...I will finish them one of these days......making some new jewelry too! I have lots of catching up to do on all your blogs and on Flickr...I know you all know how it is! Just wanted to say hi to you all and tell you all the latest!!

See Yall Soon!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lookie what I got!

I woke up this morning with a headache.....but when I opened my blog this morning I saw that Jennifer at Trial and Error sent me this award!! I feel so much better now! Thanks Jennifer! Visit her blog when you can. Jennifer is an amazing artist, I'm so glad that I discovered it on FLICKR.. when I saw a portrait she had painted that immiediately caught my eye because it reminded me of my daugher Alyssa. She can paint or draw anything! In addition to receiving this award I am supposed to tell 7 things or facts about myself....hmmmmm...thats not easy especially since I haven't had my coffee yet! I will think along the way.

When I'm eating yogurt that you stir up, I don't like when anyone stirs it for me and that also goes for a White Russian. I didn't know I felt that way, but my husband would always stir the heck out of them and then hand them to me and how sweet of him, but I just like to do it! I like to stir them a little where you might get alot of fruit in one bite or alot of Kahlua in one sip, it's crazy I know...can't really explain it.

Most mornings when I wake up I have a sneezing attack. I've already had it this morning along with the headache. I might sneeze like 10 times in a row, then its over!

When I drink a diet coke or any other carbonated drink I hicup one time when I take the first sip.

I love to travel even though I don't get to very often. I love to go any place I've never been before.. any town big or small doesn't matter. I think it would be fun to pack up and just get in the car and across the country...taking my time exploring and seeing anything I want to see along the way. I also like to drive down roads I've never been on...just to see whats down there!

I am addicted to Yoville on Facebook.....there I said it, admitted it......I'm Shelly Allred and I am addicted to Yoville. Suzan, at Thrifty Collage Artist is the enabler!!! She is such a good friend on there! She even gifted me her dog!!! Shhhhh don't tell Petey! She is always gifting me something amazing! Thank you Suzan!!

I love to go to car races with my husband...just local tracks, it's fun! My husband used to race Legend cars for a short time. If you have never seen one, they look like replicas of old race cars and they are little and loud!!!!! He didn't get to race it much because he was always working, so he sold it, and I cried and cried when the guy that bought it drove off with it.

I love the little monster guy on Tales from the Crypt. My husband and I laugh and laugh at him!!!! It's infectious!

Now I am forwarding this amazing award to some of my favorite blogs and blog sistas...I hope that you will visit their blogs when you can. I hope you all know how hard it was for me to only pick 7 blogs!!! I love them all!!! It's like trying to only eat one potato chip or picking my favorite movie!!

Have a lovely day!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Collage for a Friend

I made this collage for an old friend, Sara Jane. We lived close to each other and became best friends when I lived in Tampa. I began to date her former boyfriend, (they had just broken up) and I really shouldn't have! Then I had to move away to Atlanta when my Dad was transferred. Of course the relationship with the guy dissolved as most long distance relationships do, especially at that age........and I hadn't seen or spoken to Sara Jane since then. It had been around 34 yrs or so since I have talked to her. I remember recently telling my sister Molly about how I thought about her and wondered how she was, where she was and that I always had felt terrible about the way the friendship ended, and had even tried to find her on Facebook with no luck. A few weeks went by and one day I opened my email and saw an email to me titled "From Sara Jane"!!!!! She had found me on and was emailing me to get back in touch!!!! She left her number and I called her back. She wasn't home at the time but I talked to Kirb, her husband, that I also had a class or so with in school! I didn't even know they had married. He was so nice and told me he would have her call me when she got home. She called later that night and I bet we talked for an hour and half non stop!!! Just as if we took off where we left off! Like that many years hadn't gone by......we talked about how silly we were to let that come between the friendship. We laughed when she reminded me of the time my Dad had to take us all to a Deep Purple concert, and how appalled he was at "all the long haired freaks" and then to top it off I forgot to wear my shoes!!!! He was happy then!

I also was saddened to learn that Sara Jane has MS. We talked about it for a good while. I was amazed at how upbeat she was.....she walks over two miles a day......and she looked so pretty in the pictures she sent me......I would never have known. She is a Red Hat Lady! She makes fabulous hats! One day a big package came and inside was a hat that she made for me!!! I will have to post a pic of it in the near future! I was so touched and told her that I would make a collage for her. This was the one I made for Sara Jane, she sent me the cardinals that are in the collage, hoping that I could somehow use them in it. She wanted the collage to say "I am not afraid, I was born for this"......a famous Joan of Arc quote. She's quite a lady!


Friday, July 3, 2009

This is a crazy little collage I did for Collage Play With Crowabout group on Flickr. For those that aren't familiar with this is soooo much FUN! Nancy Baumiller, the administrator of the group posts a page of images weekly, we have to use at least three of them in a collage any way we choose....and then we post it by the following Friday. Then...a winner is selected randomly and whoever wins gets a nice big fat envelope of all these cool collage images from Nancy! The part I enjoy the most besides making the collage, is all the different ideas everyone in the group come up with. I mean the talent and creativity of these artists in this group amazes me everytime. I have met some of the nicest people in the group and have loved getting to know them better through their blogs :D

It's a beautiful weekend here in the mountains! We usually can see fireworks blasting off all over the place from our deck! This year though we are at our neighbors who live in Decatur. We are staying here for the weekend! They have two Tonkinese cats! They are beautiful and soooo sweet! So sweet in fact, Cleo just plopped down on my hands a moment ago! I'm so glad I didn't loose my entire post! So glad. She's a little lover though. They both are! Then heading back to the mountains to enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hope you all have a "blast" this weekend LOL!!