Monday, August 24, 2009

Finished this one this afternoon for Collage Play With Crowabout! We got some beautiful images from Nancy Baumiller of Crowabout this week, in celebration of our 50th week!! I loved the background image so much, I knew that I was going to have to find a way to use it as the background, I had to resize it large and then printed it onto cardstock and lightly painted over the top of it. I also scribbled on it with my yellow artist crayon....I am going to have to get some more of those! Kinda nice not having to wait on paint to dry to long on this one.

Did a little trimming up and weeding yesterday......that damn weed that looks like bamboo leaves is running rampant on the slope by my driveway. I decided I couldn't take it anymore and started stepping up the slope pulling weeds....getting higher, still pulling weeds....then it was like too late to go down the way I came up, and the only way to go was up to the top. Still pulling weeds... we have pine straw on the slope which can make the slope slippery if you are trying to stand on it! I ended up having to throw the weeds up to the top of the slope after most of them landed in the middle of the butterfly bush......then had to crawl up the rest of the bank.....finally making it to the top...... must have looked real attractive!! Then I looked at what I had just done and it didn't look like I had done anything!!! One good thing though... my red hibiscus is blooming it's head off!! I was sitting out on the back porch this afternoon and within five minutes I counted 5 hummingbirds at the feeder. One was minding its own business drinking and another one came and chased it off. They flew off arguing with each other! Then three more came! Quite a little show! Y'all have a good night!