Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Shall I Cook Tonight?

A collage created for the Crowabout cat Pearl became a part of it, remembering the time I found her sitting in the casserole dish I had on my counter! She is always trying to get in or on something! The other night I was watching TV and I heard scratching coming from in the kitchen and I called her and she never came...I kept hearing scratching and then realized it was coming from the pantry....I opened the door and looked back there and there she was amid the boxes of cereal!!!! Silly thing!

The background was painted sometime on the outer sides and pink in the middle....I had never used it so decided to use it for this collage. Many of the images came from Nancy, the administrator of the Collage group. The adorable children came from the Collage Public Domain group on Flickr, and the floral background came from some beautiful papers I purchased recently from Bella Euphoria store in Blue Ridge, the town near where I live. What a beautiful store...everything from vintage clothing, to lovely paper invitations that can be used to print on for all unique jewelry, Tom Shoes......lovely candles and lotions and so much more!! I took some of my bracelets and beaded fan pulls there to hopefully sell some!
Oh back to the collage.....I used my colored chalks to enhance the background, blending them into each other...I had forgotten how much fun chalk was!

Been working on jewelry a bit lately, trying to make some new pieces. I have added some to the Spa Beautiful store also here in Blue Ridge....another lovely place to escape to for an hour or two! Just walking into the store is therapy! The aromatherapy oils Jane uses in her massages waifing through the air.....definitely the place to go here in town to be pampered!

I should be cleaning! My daughter Alyssa and her boyfriend Cody, are coming up for the weekend! Can't wait to see them! Alyssa is looking forward to relaxing after a long week at school with the kids. She is having fun meeting the new kids, but is a bit worn out!! Kathryn has been at St. George Island, FL. with Alex, her boyfriend and his family......they are having a great time and I think she is sad its coming to an end and then it will be time to get back to the real world......

I had our Grandaughters Devan and Whitney, here with me for a couple of days last week. Had such fun with them! They started back to school last Thurs. so I didn't get to spend as long with them as I wanted to, but I'm sure they will be back soon for a weekend and hopefully a marathon game of Dominos, so I can beat Whitney!

I'm now looking forward to fall, and the cooler weather..and some nice long walks! Enjoy your evening!


Marit said...

Great page!!! Love the cat - mine liked to sit on/in everything too!!!! The background colours are great too - must look for my chalk soon!

Snap said...

I love the page ... casserole cat! Too, too funny! Wonderful color. I know all about kitties getting into, onto, (you name) strange places. You've been busy. I'm looking forward to fall also. Maybe it will cool down a bit by November! !!!!!!!!!!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thanks Marit and Snap for stopping by! Hope you both had a nice weekend :D My daughter Alyssa, brought Lily, her little Yorkie puppy, when they came, and the cats were terrified of her! They are twice as big as her! They stayed upstairs the entire time! Was pretty funny!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Another juicy plum full sweet post to read. Love the way your mind works . . . always! Your Crowabout piece is brilliant. I am behind on flickr so will have to go comment there too. Hope you had a great weekend with your family and that adorable little puppy!