Monday, September 28, 2009

What's New?

Copyright by Shelly Allred 9/16/09. All rights reserved. You may not copy, print, or download any images in any way without my permission.

I really don't know where this came from....sure had fun creating it though!! Created for Collage Play with Crowabout Group, thank you to Nancy for some fun images to play with this week, and Congratulations to her on her new beautiful Grandbaby girl, Amira!!

Had a nice weekend and the sun is shining!!! Going to head down to Blue Ridge today to run some errands and I think I will take a LONG walk!! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Collage images from Nancy Baumiller and Dover Publishing. In case you can't read my writing in this one, I was telling a little story about my Dad teaching me to ride a bike. I got this cute little blue bike for Christmas one year. We lived on a dirt road and Dad was running with me holding onto the back of the bike. I was jabbering away and riding along and realized he wasn't saying anything. I looked back and he was like a mile away!! I was riding my new bike all by myself!! It's so funny now thinking back about the whole thing!!

I painted the background this brown color and it looked too boring to me, so I took this irridescent pink pen and make swirls all over the place. Then I added more doodles and then painted the entire page with a shimmering H2O blue paint I had...then went over again with a blue hi-liter pen. I had these cute teddy bear images Nancy gave us to use but by the time I got through gluing on everything else I was so sleepy and I forgot about the teddy bears!!!! I'm sure they will show up somewhere haa haa!

Sooo I guess yall have heard about all the rain we are getting in Ga!! Well if you can believe it, I am actually seeing sun right now!!!! Oh I feel better already! Some of the interstates have been shut down in Atlanta and many people couldn't get to work. My husband made it there but had to make lots of detours to get there. Lets pray we get a break and to see lots of sun soon!

Ya'll have a good day!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Garden

Hi Friends! I made this collage last's so funny, it took me an eternity to come up with an idea. I finally do and then in the end it is nothing like the original idea! That is art for ya! When I am working I have stuff all over the place on my desk...paint, papers, markers, barely enough room to find a spot to glue my images! Has this ever happened to you? You have an image that is crucial to the design of the someones head for instance..and then it gets lost! Lost forever, never to be seen again until after the collage is completed with another head you had to search for to replace the head you lost.....after you also spent an hour trying to find the lost head before you searched for a new one! One time, that happened and I found it after I went through the whole process of the above. Guess where it was?? Stuck to the bottom of the collage! Where else!??? No wonder I could't find it! Hope you all have a lovely day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Creative Soul

Nancy gave us some awesome images to use this week for the Crowabout Collage Group!
I scanned the images and enlarged the border image and printed it on cardstock to use for the background. It was kinda nice that I didn't even have to wait on the paint to dry! I filled in the background color with my colored pencils and markers. Had such fun! Hope you all have an artful day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just saying hello!

Today is beautiful! We are having a relaxing weekend. Went out to dinner last night and watched a movie this morning...just enjoying the day. Looking forward to making more collages and working on jewelry this week. I want to do both all the time...I dream about it. If only I could remember those dreams! What are you all doing today?


Friday, September 11, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I remember.....we all do....what we were doing when we found out what had happened to our country that day. Watching it happen before our eyes seemed like a disaster movie about the end of the world to me. So stunned by it all, and having to consume the fact that it was really happening. Nothing like what the families of those who lost loved ones had to deal with and are still dealing with. When I saw this drawing by Mike Lucovitch in the Atlanta Journal, I just cried and cried. I still cry when I look at words are needed are they?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Le Petit Journal

In this collage I was writing about the fun night we had! I wish I would have just told you all about it instead of writing/journaling in the collage...I really, really do. We had such fun! I went to my sisters and we ate dinner and then my sister, niece and I, met Alyssa and Kathryn at the movies! We saw Julie & Julia!!! We all loved it! It was such fun seeing it with them. We laughed and laughed and it was such fun learning about the life of Julia Child, I think I want to read her book now. My sister and and family had seen her kitchen that is displayed at the Smithsonian. They were airing some of her old cooking shows on PBS recently....I loved watching them...I tried to make omelets like I saw her making. She didn't even use a utensil of any sort while making them! I tried to flip the omelet like she did, but it didn't work, and I had to use the spatula. Ha, maybe I didn't use enough BUTTER! They were very good though!

Been busy as ever lately, and just got back from a little much needed vacation!! So glad my husband was able to get away for a few days! We had such fun seeing everyone and just having fun. I'm already ready to go on another one. Always good to be back home though, isn't it? I have lots of blogs and Flickr friends to visit!! Where do the days go? Hope you all have a good night!