Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Collage images from Nancy Baumiller and Dover Publishing. In case you can't read my writing in this one, I was telling a little story about my Dad teaching me to ride a bike. I got this cute little blue bike for Christmas one year. We lived on a dirt road and Dad was running with me holding onto the back of the bike. I was jabbering away and riding along and realized he wasn't saying anything. I looked back and he was like a mile away!! I was riding my new bike all by myself!! It's so funny now thinking back about the whole thing!!

I painted the background this brown color and it looked too boring to me, so I took this irridescent pink pen and make swirls all over the place. Then I added more doodles and then painted the entire page with a shimmering H2O blue paint I had...then went over again with a blue hi-liter pen. I had these cute teddy bear images Nancy gave us to use but by the time I got through gluing on everything else I was so sleepy and I forgot about the teddy bears!!!! I'm sure they will show up somewhere haa haa!

Sooo I guess yall have heard about all the rain we are getting in Ga!! Well if you can believe it, I am actually seeing sun right now!!!! Oh I feel better already! Some of the interstates have been shut down in Atlanta and many people couldn't get to work. My husband made it there but had to make lots of detours to get there. Lets pray we get a break and to see lots of sun soon!

Ya'll have a good day!!


Snap said...

Great page! Lots of nice memories for you.

We are getting some of your rain and that's okay. We need it.

Holly Loves Art said...

Lovely! Have a wonderful week.

Marit said...

What a lovely memory and a lovely page!

Michele said...

I love this page, and the cute story of you learning to ride your bike. :) Great idea adding those doodles, they look wonderful!

Alberta said...

My first impression when I saw this collage was that that the background is really a standout, and I'm so glad you explained the process behind it. The story about you and your dad is really my favorite part, though. I'm glad y'all stayed dry up on mountain. We're fine down here too, although we had two unexpected days off from school, due to the flooding. Stay dry! It's supposed to start raining again this weekend.

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thank you all for visiting, it just makes my day to see you all! Thank you so much for your comments! Alberta, glad you all are okay down there, hope this batch of rain will hurry out of here!


LiveArt said...

Love this!! it's so well composed!! gorgeous elements and images!!


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