Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nine Lives

Created for Crowabout group in Flickr, I thought the heart Nancy gave us was so cute and I just knew I had to create a little house out of it! I painted the sky and grass first then glued the images down and shaded the background with colored chalk and pencils. The original shows a blue hue behind the tree branches that you don't see here, and bright pink flowers going up the vine on the house. For some reason the paint pens don't show up on the scans well...well!! I hope you enjoy it.

Speaking of cats, Pearl is head butting me and laying in front of the keyboard, keeping at least one paw on my wrist with claws intermittently digging into my wrist, just to let me know she is here. I put her down, she jumps back up.

I hope this was not a rumor, but I heard the sun is supposed to come out today! I have pansies to plant! Every year I say I'm not going to plant pansies because when the harsh weather comes they seem to dissolve into the dirt. Of course I always plant them anyhow. Last year Molly and I embarked on an experiment. We planted lots of pansies in the yard and decided we would not pull them up when they got too hot and died back in the summer. We let them go to seed hoping that they would come back! So we went and bought more the other day and we are hoping to start seeing some of the old ones popping up..so far nothing yet.
Well, Pearl says it's time to go! Hope you all enjoy your day!


Snap said...

I love this collage. Just wish our little Rocky had had nine lives! :(

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I thought they say about seven lives!!

indybev said...

I missed this at Flickr. It's vunderbar!! You have the very best ideas!!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Snap, thank you so much! I wish little Rocky had had nine lives too. It's hard...we had Rascal for 14 yrs. and then one day out of no where she disappeared. We never saw her again. She was as old as my children at that time...I still miss her everyday. Then we got two Ragdoll kittens. One of them, Sapphire got sick, we found out she had an enlarged heart and she died at 6 mos. I still miss her too!! Now I have Pearl and Little One and they are the ones on my photostream...they are such beautiful, loving little souls!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Phivos! Good to see you! Maybe it is 7 lives! I always say that oneday I would like to come back as a cat!! Mine lay around here like millionaires!! Thanks for coming by!

Hi Bev!! Thank you!! No wonder you missed it, I was a little behind again LOL!!! I havent even started this weeks, I can envision having a hard time with it, I may wait till next week!! I think maybe youuuu have the best ideas! Thanks sweet friend for coming to see me :D

Terri Kahrs said...

This is so darn cute, it's a definite 10 on the happy scale!!! LOL!!! I love pansies and their sweet little faces - they bring such joy (and they're great pressed too!) Hope you're having a super day! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

Marit said...

OH, I love your house "with 2 cats in the yard".... wanna live there when the pansies show up!