Thursday, November 26, 2009

This World

This World
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Happy Thanksgiving!! Whew I'm stuffed, tired, full, sleepy.....and am relaxing with the family. Had a fun day cooking, and we had a delicious feast!!! I am so blessed to have to have an amazing husband, our children and our families, and friends and all of you in my life, you all are my treasures!!! Hope you enjoyed your day!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wild Fire!

Funny how things work out...I had no idea what I was going to create last night, all I did know was that I wanted PINK! I wanted to do something with pink in it...I was skimming through images and found my face page that I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember who I got it from...and loved the girls face and knew I would be using herrr...then found the wings......then already had the legs from a magazine, so got that all done and then she had no hair...great....I have never been able to do a good job cutting hair off one image and adding it to another... never works out for me. So I realized I HAD to draw the that moment I didn't even know what my quote was going to be, but now I wish I had made it bigger and more all around her face...more wilderrr! But got that done and it was toooo yellow, so I added some lo-lites to her hair! Actually she has several colors involved! I guess she was high-maintanence! But she looked so happy and glad to be there, so then I realized she had to have arms that raised up to the sky! So I then realized I would have to draw them too!!! Great. They are more the whimsical style arms I think! I actually found this opaque pink/fleshtone-ish marker I used to color them in. Since I already had the blue background when I drew them, it was difficult to make them look opaque enough to show up. I can't say enough about glittery pens and hi-liters! I have a glittery pen fetish, I'm pretty sure. I usually do not outline my letters in them but I did this time and I used hi-liters on top of each other to create different colors in places. So then I finally got it all done and I was having some mild anxiety wondering what the letters would be.....I looked through some of my quotes and nothing excited me....then I read the simple quote I used and I just looked at her hair and her happy face and thought..."yeaaaaa" that's the one!
So thats the story of "Wild Fire"! Have a good day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Right Now

Remember her too? It was time to add some lettering....makes me so nervous, but I still had fun! Practice, practice, practice LOL! Hope you all have a lovely day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Remember her? I added the lettering last night for Collage Dreams on Paper workshop. I will save ya'll the strain of trying to read it all and tell you what it says. I met Molly (my sister) at the Classy Flea, we had the most fun. I found a cool shelf for my bathroom and she did the funniest thing. My husband had to meet me there to get some paperwork, and she saw him walking in and she pretended to be a mannequin in the window! Hilarious!

We all laughed and laughed.. she wanted to get me over there with her but there wasn't time. Probably a good thing LOL! The Classy Flea is such a great store, you never know what you are going to find. I also found a book I can use for my collages. I love when that happens! Then we went and ate BBQ and went to Harry's Farmers Market...I could literally spend the day there. We had such a fun day!

The Thanksgiving collage was done for Crowabout, I was trying to add the lettering and found that quote, how perfect for the occasion I thought! We are having Thanksgiving Dinner at home this year. Looking forward to the girls coming up and hanging out. Good times! I hope that you all have a delicious holiday and a day filled with family and friends...I would like to tell you all, that I am thankful to have friends like you all! Have a great day!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Created in my Moleskine journal for Collage Dreams on Paper Workshop. Kind of different for me working in my journal..smaller work area..I have no idea where this one came from! I think it started with the heart I used for the balloon, and then it made me think of the whole "Balloon Boy" fiasco! I guess that is one story I will never understand!! Hope that you all have a nice weekend! We are going to the Falcon game on Sun! My neighbors Pam and Skip were so nice to give us tickets, they can't use this week! Should be fun! I will see yall soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Created this crazy girl for Collage Dreams on Paper workshop. I am trying to create some collages leaving them unfinished because we will be working on lettering in the future. I seriously wish the top and bottom borders were straight!! You all know this is going to really bother me! I learned a little lesson, stand up when I place the borders, so I can look straight down at the page!! Ohhhh you all should see my desk!! Well, you can't see it! I need to do some serious organization of my papers etc. top it off right before I got through my box that had all my small images in it fell off the table and now they are scattered waiting for me today :D Might be better than a bead spill though LOL! Anyways, been working in my moleskine journal getting some backgrounds ready.
Have a great day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jail Birds

This collage was for the Crowabout Group. I got the plant images from a magazine. I wish I knew what that plant with the purple leaves was! Looks so pretty with the Alliums and the bright green plant, not sure what it is...but Goldmound Spirea would be pretty! Most of the borders are from Nancy Baumiller, I got the birds frommm...that Free image site on Flickr, and at the moment I can't remember who posted it. The background was another image she gave us to use that I enlarged and printed out on cardstock...I painted over it some to give it some color and by the time I did that and pasted everything on, you can't even tell I used the image! Had lots of fun with it though. Hope you all have some kind of fun today, see yall soon!