Monday, December 28, 2009


Just stopped by to say hello and to let you all know that I miss you all! Here are a few more pics from a Christmas gathering at my Dads, have a great day!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well all sorts of things have been going on around here lately. I went to my sister Molly's for a few days last week to help her out. Her back went out and she was in some pretty bad pain. She was able to get to the doctor and get some cortisone shots and with the help of some pain meds, she is feeling much better! Poor thing!!
While I was down there, I got a call that my daughter Alyssa had been in an accident, remember not long ago it was Kathryn's accident I was writing about! Alyssa was driving and someone pulled out right in front of her, she hit them in the side. They took her by ambulance to the hospital. I beat the ambulance there. I was so relieved that she was okay!!! Just sore mainly. Her car is pretty much totalled I believe. The GOOD news I was going to tell you was that she was supposed to graduate with her Associates degree in Early Childhood education the morning after the accident. We are so proud of her!!!! She did not get to walk for her graduation ceremony, but can on the next one.

We had all the girls and their families, and Alyssa and Kathryn's boyfriends over last night for our Christmas gathering. Had lots of fun getting together! I thought since I didn't have any new ART to post I would post a few recent pictures ...

Hope you all are doing well and I will see you soon!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Tried my hand at drawing faces, practicing what I learned from Teesha Moores blog, she posted a one sheet drawing lesson of how to draw faces. Thank you Teesha!!! I really didn't intend for her to look sad, but smiles were not working out for me today LOL! I also didn't intend to have the dots on her face but as I was working on the left side I guess the ink from the pen was not dry on her hair and I looked down to see spots of ink and smears above her right eye!!!!! Nothing would cover them sooooooo......that is how the glittery little dots came about!! I enjoyed the work though, I haven't made any art in several days, so it was time!!

It is pouring outside right now, they say we may get some high winds up here, maybe up to 45-50 mph!!! Batton down the hatches Dorothy!! Don't think I will get much sleep tonight. I still have Christmas shopping to do and various other Christmas tree is still standing!! So far I have found a few ornaments on the floor, compliments of Pearl and Little One! They enjoy batting them around at night of course!!

I just have a little something exciting to tell yall, I have 52 followers now on my blog!!! It's very exciting for me! I remember hesitating to have a blog but wanting to at the same time, for soooo long.....I'm so glad I did it! I just want you all to know how glad I am to see you all when you visit and how special it is to me getting to know you all! Hope you all have a lovely night, sweet dreams friends!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Thanks to Nancy Baumiller for some of the images I used here, the dress was a photo I took of a dress made of flowers at the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta last year, severly altered....of course. I was anxious after the holiday to get back to the collage table. We had an awesome Thanksgiving! I hope you all did. Kathryn helped me set up the Christmas tree! They say we may get some snow here on Saturday! Ohhhh...I forgot to tell ya'll that when the girls came up, Alyssa brought Lily, her Yorkie, and Kathryn brought Sophia, her cat! They were going to be gone too long to leave them. Our cats Pearl and Little One were not amused and pretty put out about the situation. Before Alyssa got here things were okay, because our cats stayed upstairs and Sophia stayed downstairs. Well then Alyssa and Lily got here.....poor Sophia, Lily just gnaws on her thing I know Sophia runs upstairs to get away from Lily and ran under the bed. Pearl and Little One are ON the bed and they are all growling...finally Sophia escaped back downstairs and Pearl and Little remained in the bedroom the the entire rest of the time they were here!! I was sad to see them all go like I always am, but the cats were happy!! Enjoy the evening!