Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This crazy little collage was created for Crowabout. This one was quite a challenge! I knew it would be! Still had a good time creating it, and this group forces us to be creative and that is good for all of us.

I got most everything filed into categories for the most part now. I don't know what has gotten into me, but it is amazing how things can snowball. I went to the grocery store yesterday, came home and began putting up the groceries, I look in the pantry and realize I need to make room for more stuff that I just bought, so had to stack and rearrange. Got those items put up. Then I open my drawer in the island in my kitchen and wonder how it all got so out of control, I begin taking everything out and rearranging it and I see something that doesn't belong there (what the heck is this doing here?) and lay it out to put it somewhere else, and before I know it, the entire kitchen is a disaster, the island is covered with things that go in 10 different somewhere else places, and I am sooo tired from being on my feet alll day, my back is throbbing......and I think to myself, so glad that I was trying to organize everything!! Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Semi-Productive Day...

Not feeling my best today, I have Diverticulitis, and I have had a flare up. Now I seem to be catching my husbands cold. Got some meds and should be back to normal soon. I have been bothered by allll the unorganization of my workspace downstairs for sometime now. Like every time I go down there to work. I have papers laying around everywhere, markers, little snippets of this and that. Hardly any room to work! It was driving me INSANE. Sometimes when you are collaging, you need a face, or a hat, or a border. I make lots of copies of images and many times there is a variety of things on the sheet. So I will be working and need something and that something is in like 10 different areas or piles. So since I was laying low today I went down and got the piles and brought them upstairs and sat on the couch and organized everything. I got separate files and labeled them like borders, faces, clothes, etc. I cut up pages that had everything on there and put it in the files they belonged in. Still got along way to go, I have a huge box of more prints, etc. But, at least when I am looking for a specific thing I can find it quickly!

I find a lot of things from magazines like I have talked about before. I clip out the things I like and MOST times, not every time, I will copy the images. I do this because I don't really love the shiny texture they have in the magazines, and if I decide to write over them or alter them, the ink will take better to the copy paper. I made a separate folder to keep the clippings in so that if I want to make copies and use them again I can. It's amazing the patterns and objects you can find to use. They may even be kinda blah and boring, but you can doodle on them and make them your own. I continued to cut out letters for my letter box and made up another folder for "words". So, that's what I've been doing today! Hope that you all have a great evening, whatever you are doing!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heee heee heee!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love Is

I had so much fun with this collage, because I just love Valentines Day! It is one of my favorite holidays. Some of the images from Nancy Baumiller for the Crowabout group, Martini girl is from Suzee Que, and many of the images are cut out scraps from magazines. I have been finding lots of good stuff in these magazines, and I started a letter box, to use for lettering in my collages. Boy, that's a tedious task!! I will be somewhere like a doctors office or waiting to get the oil changed in my car, and I will see all these magazines and I find myself not even reading them, just looking at the pictures to see if they would make good collage images, and then what if I think they would? Well, I might just have to ask if I can clip! Then here they come saying my car is ready, and I didn't even get to finish looking at the magazines!!!! Imagine that! Shame on them for being so efficient!

I joined Net Flix and have been watching the HBO Series #1 Ladies Detective Agency! I am LOVING it! It takes place in Africa, so the scenery is awesome, and so are all the characters! I am now waiting on the 3rd part, and for now that is all they have....I sure hope the series will continue, I'm hooked now!

It's been milder here on the mountain for the past couple of days, today the rain is coming. I am getting SPRING fever here, waiting and waiting to see a glimpse of something new coming up! Always hard this time of year waiting on Spring, guess I just need to keep busy making more collages and jewelry! Bye for now....see you again soon!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Circle Game

Created for CROWABOUT group on Flickr...just having fun, for some reason the circle images Nancy gave us to use reminded me of the "Circle Game" song by Joni Mitchell, so that is how this theme came about LOL! I think I remember my Aunts, Linda, Alicia and Gail singing this song on a tape recorder onetime. They were huge fans of Joni, and still are! I want to thank Nancy Baumiller for some of the borders I used in this one. What would I do without Nancy's borders???!!! Hope you all are having a fabulous day dahlings! Talk to you all SOON!! XOX

Monday, January 11, 2010

Watch This

Here is a cool video that my Step mom Carolyn sent me, I think you all will like it!
Hope you are all having a good day!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I's been a while! It was so fun creating this collage for Crowabout on Flickr! Thanks Nancy Baumiller for some great images this week!

The new year hasn't started out too well though, we just found out my husband Raymond has prostate cancer. He will get radiotherapy seeds in three weeks, and then a 3 week break, then he will begin 7 weeks of daily radiation treatment 5 days a week. We think they caught it early enough and that he will be fine. I just know it, because he is a pretty tough guy! This collage quote came from a beautiful gift I received from my friend Joanie. It was a collage on canvas with this quote included. I loved the quote, and with everything going on right now, it's meaning became more significant to me. Please keep him in your prayers!

We got some really pretty snow last night!! It is still snowing here a little on the mountain. I even talked Raymond into staying home today!! The secondary roads and our steep road down the mountain would probably pretty scary right now. We are just relaxing and being lazy....I might even take my tree down today!! I usually have it done by now! I think tonight I will make Sante Fe Soup! Hope you are all warm and happy!! I will see yall soon!! Big hugs to you all!