Thursday, February 25, 2010


I used Neo II Watersoluable crayons for the background, and then used a distressed ink pad to add some texture, then stamped the words over with distressed ink. Borders from Nancy Baumiller, kaleidoscope corner from my kaleidoscope collection, hat from Becky F, Boots from Suzee Que, girl was from an old magazine, colored in, roses from magazine. Have a nice evening!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring In The Country

Created for Collage Play With Crowabout on Flickr. Thanks to Nancy Baumiller for some really great images this week!!

Not much going on around here, just working on art and jewelry! Two of my favorite things to do! They say we may get more snow, no no!!! I have been reading garden magazines and making out wish lists for plants I want. Looking at container combinations for all my pots...I do this every year and have the most wonderful ideas in mind, then I go to the nursery and they don't have the plants I need to do the container I envisioned, so then it turns out not to be the container I thought it was going to be after all. But I always come up with something. One shrub I want this year is a "Quickfire" Hydrangea...Molly, my sister has one, and I remember seeing it blooming its head off in her yard last year. It was just beautiful. She has it planted in a corner against her house. It really stands out against the color of the house. Her yard is absolutely beautiful and I swear one of these days I am going to post some pictures of her yard! I believe that the Quickfire is a Paniculata Hydrangea, which are my favorites. I love the shape of the bloom and the fact that they can take more sun than the other types of Hydrangea's. One of my favorite shrubs I have is the Viburnum "Judii". If you don't have one of these, I think you should go right out and get one! They bloom early in the spring and have the most beautiful scent!! The list goes on and on ....I will save the rest for another time! Enjoy your evening, stay warm and I'll see you all soon!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What a Wonderful World!

Credits to: Nancy Baumiller, Arsty Fartsy Queen, Angellea, Nayski, Artchicapoo/Jade Adams

And it IS a WONDERFUL WORLD isn't it??? I have been cooped up in the cabin for far too many days because the snow made our road most of the snow is gone, the sky is bright blue, and the sun is shining! Today, going to the grocery store seems enlightening!! I have never looked so forward to buying groceries! Today I was sitting at the computer and saw something out the window that caught my eyes...I looked up and out the window straight ahead is a tree...I have a bird house on it, that I have never seen a bird go in...and there it was... the most beautiful, vibrant Blue Bird!! He looked like he was thinking about going in...maybe I will have to watch for a nest now! Well, Zippidy doo dahhhh, LOL, ya'll have a good day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Secrets In The Forest

Crowabout- Week 66- Borders and group images from Nancy Baumiller, borders from Artchicapoo/Jade Adams, fairy wand from Nayski, thanks so much ladies! Little did we know how well cats, dogs and birds got along together!! I guess in the Secret Forest anything can happen :D

We did not get the last batch of snow that thought we were getting, thank goodness!! Things are beginning to thaw out a little around here, and it was a pretty day!

I wanted to tell y'all something funny, well it's funny now, that happened to me yesterday. Visualize this....I'm sitting at the computer and I hear something buzzing. I look up and see a wasp on the blind. I go to get a hand towel to swat him with, come back, he's gone. Then I spot him in my little octagon window along with all the ladybugs....I take the towel and try to get him but instead it hit the little bird house AND my Fenton glass kitty, sitting on the sill. It falls knocks over other things sitting below it.....I move back out of the way, the cats scattered and ran, and then I knocked over the bottled water sitting on the spills and splashes here and there on stuff on the desk. I put the rest of the bottled water on the floor on the other side of the desk. I turn the keyboard over to get the water that spilled inside it out. I go to grab the hair dryer to use on the keyboard and knock over the bottled water that the rest of it can saturate the rug!!! Still haven't killed the wasp....forgot all about it by now......then I see him sitting on the floor next to the cats. This time I grabbed the towel and nabbed him, flushed him down the toilet and then felt guilty and mean for killing it, after it caused such an ordeal for me! Have a great night, I will see you all SOON!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inside Looking Out

This is me right now...snowed in up here on the mountain...perfect inspiration for this piece, and great art weather!! The quote if from Percy Bysshe Shelley, "The Sensitive Plant"...says:
And Spring arose on the garden fair, like the spirit of love felt everywhere; and each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast, rose from the dreams of its wintry mix"

Window and some borders from Nancy Baumiller
Lady in window from Paperscraps
Eye and Zetti face from artchicapoo/Jade
Body of Zetti girl and various other things from magazine
Flowers from MS Clip art and drastically altered
Some borders were my own

We had to cancel our reservations to a new restaurant in town, since we couldn't get there, my husband ended up taking my car down the mountain, spun around in the middle of the road, ended up backing down part of the way, spinning around again, now heading down in the right direction......and finally making it off the mountain. What a wild ride! I thought he would never call me to tell me he was okay, but it just took awhile!! He has to head down the the big ATL to be closer to work tomorrow since another round of snow is heading our way. We will have a delay in celebrating Valentines Day, but at least he is safe, and my car is okay and I have lots of hobbies to keep my busy! I'm snug as a bug in a rug! Happy Valentines Day to alllll of you! See you soon!! xoxox

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life of the Party!

Created for Crowabout, for some reason, I was inspired by a quote from Coco Chanel, and a song by Madeleine Peyroux, called "Dance Me to the End of Love"...I like much of her music, very Billy Holiday-ish style that is so different and calming. The verse written in the collage is hard to see. It says: Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin, dance me through the panic til I'm gathered safely in, lift me like an Olive branch and be my homeward dove, Dance me to the End of Love.

I wish I could have written more of the song, but of course, ran out of room! Thanks to Briedah and Nancy Baumiller for most of the images, others from magazines, etc.

Also, in case you didn't see my replies in my last post, Emily is home from the hospital and feeling much better! Thank you all so much for your prayers and for thinking about her!

As always this time of year I am looking forward to Spring! I know some of you are buried under way too much snow, so I know you feel the same! Stay warm and enjoy your day....I will see yall soon!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Been Awhile.....

Boy this year hasn't started out the best, but hopefully things will be improving! My husband had his prostate surgery, and it went great. He was back at work two days later! He will start his radiation treatments towards the end of the month. Luckily when he had the surgery they found no surprises, so we were very glad to hear that.

We got a call Friday from my step daughter Cindy, telling us that our Granddaughter Emily, (her youngest, 17) was in the hospital because she had had a bad headache since Mon. they admitted her and did a CT scan and believe that the reason for the headache is this:

I had never heard of it. They drained some of the fluid, and I think will be doing a culture on it, we have not heard the results yet, maybe tomorrow. I went to see her on Sat. and she was in alot of pain and they were giving her all sorts of pain medication trying to find something to help. Nothing much has helped, and she is still there. Hopefully we will hear some new news tomorrow, please keep our sweet girl in your prayers, I will keep you all posted!! Hope to work on some art soon, just wanted to say hello and tell you all to have a nice weekend!! Hugs to all!