Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloom Too!

Created for Crowabout...some of the borders and flowers from Dover Publishing, some from magazines. I realized after completing it, that I used another rose just like I did in "BLOOM"...should have been more creative to make it different. I had a hard time for some reason this week, coming up with any ideas. So that is why this one is called "BLOOM TOO" The words are from another weeks images from Nancy Baumiller. Enjoyed creating it as always though!

We (well, my husband)got alot done in the yard on Saturday, still more to do of course...we ran out of time. It rained all day yesterday and today is gloomy. I'm thinking we will see the sun either by the end of the day or tomorrow. If it's pretty, you know where I'll be!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Wanted to share the story about my Grandfather I told you about in the previous post. It was written by his neighbor, Alan Nordstrom, in Sept. of 1994. He read it at Bobdaddy's funeral service.

Robert C. Crenshaw


The porch light's out tonight by Bob's backdoor. I've never seen it look so dark before or feel so dark and empty looking from our yard across the garden to his house, and yet the moon is nearly full. Two herons glide beneath the evening star, one honking to the other from ahead. These thirteen years I've never seen two herons flying so, mates I suppose, one anxious that the other follow close. They disappear behind a distant line of oaks. Bob's spade stands upright where he jabbed it near the second row he'd readied for tomatoes. One row's already in, their frail stems braced with fronds and rusty staves to stand against the rain. I'd helped that day, plucking the little topsoil weeds, the last day I saw him, but mostly stood and talked while Bob knelt to his task and packed firmly in with his rough knuckles, the small roots. I ask about tomatoes and once more he told me how he'd start with seeds in pots under an ordinary light, since grow lights were too costly, then transplant to his nursery tent till they were large enough to stake up in the ground. I doubt if I can do that yet. I never learned the whole of what Bob told me. I kept the spirit of his teaching, not the letter. Nor did I learn the punch lines of his jokes so I could laugh again when one came around again. He could tell again about Maude Alice and the girls, about his temper as a boy, about those high school letters in athletics, every sport there was, about his fishing trips, Jack Daniels, hunting hounds, the Depression days at the Shell station across from Rollins, padding the students home-bound lubrication bills to lend them ready cash, about his wartime air base welding job that ended with knocking his bastard boss in the nose, into a water vat, about breaking his own back as a young man, thrown from a truck, about escaping the hospital, about soaking off the body cast in a hot and whiskyed bathtub, about working thirty years in citrus groves, knowing insect sprays and fertilizers inside and out, reading roots and leaves for miladies being a trusted steward, riding those rows and rows of acres, counties round.
What else? So much. So many cups of coffee in his kitchen and in ours. So many Sentinel bags stuffed with navel oranges, peppers, green and red, vidalia onions, pole beans, snap peas, cukes, kohlrabi, yellow squash, and, of course, tomatoes too good for Florida, a miracle of cultivation from his sandy soil made rich with canny love. Not liking vegetables himself, he grew for others, grew to give away, the bounty of his art, because Barbara liked this and Linda that, Alicia and Gail some other crops, and always there were neighbors to supply. Farmer Bob. Good neighbor Bob.
And also stubborn Bob, who took just so much grief from seed-scavenging squirrels, from looting coons and possums, and one gutter-battering woodpecker, before taking fateful action. His aim was true so nothing suffered long that preyed upon his garden or sapped what little sleep he got in recent years. A family man without a wife, without a son, with doting daughters sometimes too fretful for his nerves, he coveted his privacy, his self sufficiency, hating to be beholden of in debt. Yet even he cracked his shell for us, grandfathered Kim- cutting and carrying over gardenia blossoms, courtly roses, camillias, flaming birds of paradise-and fathered me in ways my long-dead father hadn't done. I wouldn't be the son he would have wished for, except in humor and respect, except in admiration of his fierce pride and dignity, except in reverence for the care he lavished on the earth and on his friends. World weary and deliberately alone, he seemed to be weaning himself from life of late, pasting his past in place by telling it over, piece by piece, a few more times. But he had seen enough of change, the better days were gone, not much to hope for now, leave that to younger hearts- leave that to me.
Bob bore his load, he lived a rich and honest life, kept up his courage and his cheer, and sufferered manfully more than a man should have to. He leaves us wealthier in spirit for knowing what we know of him- his love of birds and dogs and growing things, his generosity, the keenness of his humor, his art of telling stories, but mostly his devotion to his wife and daughters.
Were I a Seminole Indian spotting those rare herons gliding in the moonlight overhead, beneath that evening star, I'd think two spirits were heading heavenward together, honking joyfully.

I don't know why those damn marks are on his picture! It almost didn't let me post the entire thing, so I didn't try to fool around with it too much, sorry bout that!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Award

I got this awesome award from my friend Linda. Thank you Linda! Stop by and visit her blog here to see these cool stampscape cards she makes, really beautiful!!

I must tell you 7 things about me you may not know:

1. I am terrified of spiders, snakes, locust and big fat palmetto bugs.

2. I love to go to flea markets and antique stores and browse through everything. You never know what you are going to find! I wish I could do it all day, everyday. Just the other day I found a pretty Fostoria-ish looking votive jar, a foot stool for $5.00, that all I have to do is recover, this cool diamond shaped iron scrolly sconce, to hang somewhere....some peacock feathers, of course, but the prize item was a wooden cart with 6 drawers and wheels on it! So now when I am collaging in the living room and have to do a quick clean up, into the cart everything goes and rolls away!

3. I was born in Orlando, FL, where I lived until I was about 11 or 12. My Dad was transferred to Tampa, we lived there for 5 years. Then he was transferred again to Atlanta, and I have lived in Georgia ever since.

4. I love to play games with my family. My husband isn't much of a gamer, but he is entertained by us when we play! We have game nights from time to time. We have some classic memories of our game night escapades.... my daughters Alyssa and Kathryn would probably love to describe the time I fell onto the floor playing Guesstures, while I was trying to get them to guess the word "Slide"....looks like I did a pretty good job of telling it NOW. Some of the escapades I won't go into right now, but they involve laughing really really hard, and that's all I have to say about that! Some of our favorites games seem to be Dominos, Taboo, Scattergories, and Guesstures.

5. I have always had this desire for my husband and I to pack a suitcase, get in the car, and just drive.... drive across the country. Taking our time to stop and see different towns and cities. Staying as long as we want, eating good food, taking lots of pictures...just enjoying ourselves. Then, when we finally do decide to come home, we will come home a completely different way, to see new places again!

6. When the weather is nice, I would rather be outside in the yard. I know most of ya'll already know this about me... I think I got my love of gardening from my Grandfather, Bobdaddy. Bobdaddy worked for a fertilizer company, Howard Fertilizer Company in Orlando, Fl. (I am distantly kind of related to Traylor Howard- the actress on Monk?) I will have to explain this one later, and not sure I understand it completely either)...his job was to drive the orange groves and inspect the trees for disease or insect problems. He always had such a beautiful yard and such a way with plants. I will always remember the row of gardenias he had in front of the house, that smelled so wonderful on those summer days coming through the windows. I will always remember the Jasmine bush he had in the middle of the yard, that was pruned into a cone shape with ivy growing around it in a perfect circle. I will always remember the roses he had by the entrance way into to house, and the sunflowers he had on the side yard that towered over him. The way he always went out into the yard and picked oranges and made ambrosia....and the absolute best tomatoes I have ever had in my life. He died when he was 82. Still worked in his yard, accepting no help from anyone, until right before he died. I will post a story his neighbor wrote about him and read at his funeral another time. That story will tell you all about Bobdaddy.

7. I can't sleep in the bed if the sheets are all messed up, and coming out from under the mattress at the bottom, ask my husband!!

And I thought I wouldn't have much to say! Hope you all have a good night!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beauty Within

Hope I don't give ya'll vertigo with this one! Created for Crowabout using images from Constance. Was hard this week to come up with something that hadn't already been done. The circle images were actually part of a pretty map image. Not too happy with the lettering, but loved the quote by Sarah McLachlan.

Want to tell ya'll something funny that happened to me yesterday, some of you that are my facebook friends may already know! I was at the car wash, putting coins in for the vacuum. The computer voice lady was saying 25 cents. 50 cents, etc. everytime I put a coin in. Then, all of a sudden, she says "OUCH! DON'T HIT ME! VANDALISM IS A CRIME" What in the world?? All I was doing was putting money in! Scared me to death!!! My friends thought I was being punked, or on candid camera, I really hope I wasn't!!! Well, at least I didn't get my skirt sucked up into it, like one of my blog sistas did!!! LOL Susan, I'm still laughing about it!

Going out to the garden today! It is going to be close to 70 here today! Gotta plant some perennials, trim the roses and fertilize (AGAIN)....sigh...the other day I had gone to buy more mulch...I come home..I see my sweet husband out there with the blower......blowing all the leaves and debris from around the shrubs and flowers! There goes the fertilizer I had already put out! Thanks sweetie!! Now the weeds can be fertilized TOOOOO!! Yay!! Hope you all enjoy the day too!

Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Land of Toblerone and a Journal Page

Finished these the other night and wanted to get them up before I went outside today. This time I drew her face first, then colored in the background. Drawing faces is hard. In the original, her face is darker. I can't get it to scan that way. A few of the borders are from Nancy Baumiller, but most all the images came from a magazine I had sitting right in front of me...that worked out well, love when that happens :D

I can't wait to spend the whole day in my yard! Later in the day I may feel differently! First I must tell you about what a fun time I had meeting my daughters, sister and niece and going to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D IMAX!! Wow what an experience that was! It was the most bizarre movie I have ever seen. It was so cool...different, but cool! It was fun being with them and wearing our crazy 3D glasses! If they send me the pictures I will post them here...LOL! Hope you all have a pretty day too!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Princess & the Frog and an Art Journal Page

Created for Crowabout, stained glass window from Dover Publications and an Art Journal page...might be a little hard to read. I was talking about how I was trying out some Golden Gel Medium that I went all over town trying to find one day. I have watched several videos of artist using it, I think I need to go back and watch them again, I don't really understand it all. I get using it for gluing down images..but that's all I really do understand about it. How do you all use it in your work?
I saw one video where she used it on an image and then pulled them image up and the image was transferred to the paper. That's kinda what I wanted to do but it didn't work...don't know if I didn't let it dry long enough or what. Oh so, I was writing about that and then how I was so engrossed in the journal page that I forgot to put my pork roast in the crockpot. I did it anyway...I rubbed fresh garlic all over it and cut up onion and put it in the crockpot with some sauerkraut over the top of it, and seasoned it with onion powder, salt and pepper. We ended up eating something else last night and tonight we are having it!! We will also have collard greens and black-eyed peas. This is usually our New Year's Eve meal, but it's a favorite of ours and I was in the mood for it again! I thought the SUN was supposed to come out today...NOT!! I'm thinking I probably need to boost up on the vitamin D supplements or something....well, maybe tomorrow! Enjoy your day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Garden

Hope I get this post done before it starts storming really bad! I think North Georgia is finally getting the storms Atlanta has had for the past couple of days. The sky is really dark and it's thundering!!! Yikes! Gotta type fast.... I had a friend of mine ask me what paints I was using lately on my pictures. It's not paint at all, it's the Neo Crayons again! I tell ya, they are so fast and easy to use, I have become spoiled by them. Not saying I won't play with my paints again, of course I will. I had already created this background and finished the borders. Once you decide like I did to draw on top of the background color, it alters of course the color. Like when I drew in the sun, I naturally colored it in with yellow copic and then even yellow hi-lighter, I wanted it yelloWWW! But then ended up using an orange hilighter- I mean the sun can surely be orange toooo can't it? Some of my copics, not all of them, are rather sheer, so that's kind of good because then you can see the other layers of colors through it to achieve the look of this piece. Yikes, better scram, time to walk AWAY from the computer! Ya'll have a good day, see ya later!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rescue Me!

Crowabout- Week 69~~~ thanks to Briedah for the images this week! The gardening image came from Grandma's Attic. The inspiration for this collage came from my sister Molly. Thank you MOLLY! I really was having a hard time with these images...what to do...what to do??? Then we were having one of our plant conversations and talking about a future collage idea and then the next thing I know, I was able to create that very collage and combine it with the Crowabout images! What do ya know!! I used my crayons to create the background, and then I looked and looked for an image of the Ladyslipper flowers and just couldn't find the right one. I got tired of looking and remembered I had taken a picture in my garden of some of my Ladyslippers. I went and found it and enlarged it, printed it, recolored it with colored pencils and copic markers, then hand cut them out. The quote was discussed in that same conversation with Molly, it is a favorite of our friend Linda, I hope she will enjoy what I did with it!! Supposed to rain and rain for the next few days....I did get out and work outside a couple of days this week...loved it! Looks like a good day for ART to me! Enjoy yours xox

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Queen

I had been working on this background for several days...I used my crayons wiping them down with baby wipes to create the background. The top corner pieces were just scrap papers that just basically had lines on them...way too boring, so I doodled on them to the extreme, the dress is from Angellea, I can't for the life of me remember where I got the eyes, I may remember later, and then I may not! I hate when that happens...the bottom left border from Nancy Baumiller, altered with doodles. I had no idea what the central image was going to be. I really stuggled with it all. I found the lower face in a magazine, and I had had the eyes for along time. I always liked them because they were so I decided to use them together, then all of a sudden Snow Queen came to be!

It was a snowy day here all day for sure! Very pretty coming down in big huge fat flakes....the trees looked so pretty with the snow covering the branches. I told my husband it looked like the Grinch's neighborhood! He had to stay down in Atlanta tonight, I don't think there is any way he could have made it up this road with all the snow we got. I think we got about 5 inches or so. So I'm snowed in AGAIN!! So I thought about cleaning since we are having company this weekend, but then I decided that I could do that tomorrow! Working on my collages are much more fun!

My girls and the boyfriends are coming up, we are going to a play at the Blue Ridge Community Theater! Should be a fun time going to that and hanging out together, and celebrating my husbands birthday! Good times, good times!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Hansel and Gretel were so excited when they came upon this big fine home...they were so hoping they could live there...and then they saw HIM.......
Well I almost didn't play Crowabout this week... I couldn't imagine what I could come up with. I had already made this background some time ago, with my Neo II crayons. I cut out all the images and just sat imagination completely lost. I still think it is lost comparing this to some of the other players this week! I started looking at the building image and for some fool reason, wondering if I used it, if I could continue it on beyond the picture. I do this sort of thing all the time, it's like a game I play with myself. Torturing myself to pull it off, because I always tell myself, if it doesn't work I will start over! Well, I know one thing, I'm no architect, but you get the idea! Have a good day!!