Monday, April 19, 2010

Share a Plant

Had so much fun creating this collage with my daughter Kathryn. She is beginning to love collaging! I must thank Nancy Baumiller and Becky F for borders and Becky F again for the smiling cat image.

When I was making this collage I was thinking about how special I think it is to share plants. I had these huge Soloman Seal plants at my other house and I had given some to Molly. Molly gave some to Linda, I gave some to Christy and Cindy, my stepdaughters, and I brought some up here to the cabin when we moved up, and just the other day, I bring back plants from Molly and Linda's yard, to plant in my yard. Molly and my brother in law Mark, have a rose bush in their yard that came from his Grandmothers garden. She gave me a cutting from it and now I have it too! When you stop and really think, it's kind of like passing a part of us along to people we love and care about, or even a total stranger!

We sure had a fun weekend, had all the girls up for a cookout! Had such fun and what a beautiful day! I have a whole row of plants I need to get in the ground, so I will be outside all day today! Hope you all had a good weekend, and I'll see ya soon!


Terri Kahrs said...

This is filled with such joy, Shelly! I LOVE it! And I love hearing how your plantings have been shared. That's what gardening means to me too. I love "spreading the joy"!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Taluula said...

Shelly I love this collage and the story of sharing.

Marit said...

Yes, sharing plants is special! I have only a little garden, but pointing out the plants my dad shared is special! I will have to wait another month though, before it's really "Spring season" (or planting time) overhere... LOVE your collage!

Janny said...

Super, I love plants also;o)

Holly Loves Art said...

Ooooh this is a gorgeous collage. I love it and how sweet that your daughter is getting into collage. How special.

Have a great day!