Friday, May 21, 2010


Why would any furniture manufacturer make a dresser that the drawers could not be removed? I wake up this morning and realize I need to refill my pill box. I have all the medicines I take in a ziplock bag that I keep in the drawer in the bedroom by the kitchen. I go to get the bag and it's gone. I opened every drawer 10 times thinking that it will magically appeared all right....I caught a glimpse of what looked like the bag sitting in the back of the dresser. So it had fallen back there. I try to simply take the drawer out and there is no way.....I couldn't believe it! I jiggled it back and forth and up and down and finally it gives way and I'm thinking oh this is great! Nope...the track holding it in for dear life had become unscrewed so the draw stillll wouldn't come out and now it's broke and still can't get to the now my blood pressure is shooting up to I don't know what, and if I could just get the medicine I could take my blood pressure pills! I go get this long strainer/spoon I have, and get some double stick tape and wrap around it- that'll do it. Nope....couldn't reach it with that, so I got a wire hanger and stuck that back there. It dislodges the bag and it falls to the bottom of the dresser. Finally, I was able to stick my back scratcher in there and pull it forward and I was able to pull it back up through the opening!!!! So now I got a broken drawer, that will haunt me every time I walk into the room until I get it fixed, then I take the sticky tape off the spoon, it leaves a film of tape all the way around it where I had the tape, that will NEVER come off, had to throw it in the trash......I guess I could have just ordered new medicine, but it would have been to soon to order some of way I will have to get the drawer fixed and who do you call to do that, and how much is that going to cost?!!!!!! Finally I was able to make my coffee, is it 5:00 yet????? I'm thinking by now I may need to slip a little something stronger in that coffee!!! How is your day going??

Monday, May 17, 2010


This weeks Crowabout challenge was hard for me! Thanks to Nancy Baumiller for some of the borders. Thanks to Constancet2009 for the images this week. I know I spelled "Unique" wrong...I did it on purpose, I meant it to be like YOU nique....all about YOU...You You You LOL! Come to think of it, I don't know why it isn't spelled like Younique in the first place...anyhow it was probably a bad idea to do that because everyone will just think I spelled it wrong, and when I read misspelled words it bothers me!

We have been busy around here. We helped Alyssa move on Saturday, but yesterday we didn't do anything, and it was so nice!! I worked on my collage as it was pouring outside, and had such fun! Since the girls are moving out of their apartment, and it's going to be 3 weeks before Alyssa can move into her new apartment, we inherited Kathryn's cat SOPHIA! She is scared to death of Pearl and Little One, and they won't come downstairs...until today........Pearl ventured down, and we had a little stand off today complete with hissing and guttural's gonna be a long 3 weeks I think! Poor Sophia, once she gets back to the apartment, she will be away from my cats but will be back with Alyssa's puppy Yorkie, Lily....who drives Sophia INSANE! Hope you all have a good Monday! I'll be seeing you soon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Funny Cat Pics!

Just thought ya'll might enjoy these! Have a great day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Money Tree

This one was a little toughie for me!! I already had the background, created with Neo II crayons. Images this week for Crowabout were provided from Briedah! Also, want to thank my friend Terri over at Pringle Hill Studios for the lovely freebie page she posted on her blog. That is where I got the lady, the rose, top border, and Mr. Moon images! I had no idea where this collage was going, for some reason when I was cutting out the pennies, it made me think of the time when I was little, digging in the dirt....finding all sorts of pennies, quarters, dimes....I went running in the house to tell my Mom and Dad what I had found! I thought I had really found a treasure, and I was the richest little girl in the world at that very moment! Now I realize that Dad had to have put them there just for me to find! He never told me he did, but I just know.... so funny how a penny can bring back those fond memories!

Today is my birthday! Yesterday the UPS man brought me the nicest gift!! It was from my daughter Kathryn and her boyfriend Alex! It was the new Trisha Yearwood cookbook, and also a Vera Bradley key ring!! I was so excited to get them and last night I looked through the cookbook, and my mouth was watering looking at the recipes! If you don't have it already, check it's so beautifully written, with lots of pictures too!

It's such a pretty day today! I have been busy over the past couple of days, planting flowers and doing anything to be was funny, yesterday I was sitting out on the porch at dusk... looking at the golden glowing setting sun, wishing that it would always be daytime so I could stay outside and play longer!
Hope that you all have a beautiful day too, and I will see ya'll soon!!