Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For The Love of Green

I neglected to credit Norma Frances for the striped shirt image, thank you Norma!

I guess the color Green is my favorite color. I found some cool images in a magazine I just had to use, so I got out a green watercolor paint and smeared it on, not worrying how it covered, or if it did here and there. I then added some yellow to the green paint to give it variation on the page. Then I got a babywipe and lightly made swirls in places to lift off some of the paint. Then I began gluing down the images and journaled about nothing really! Just what we were doing that day....and I have the FUNNIEST story to tell ya'll!! I'm still laughing about it...I hope I won't make my friend mad for telling it, but it must be told. I will leave her name out even though she probably wouldn't read this anyhow......the day after I finished this collage, she was responding in an email back to me about how things were going with her, etc. She told me that on a whim and to save a buck she decided to color her hair. How hard could it be right? So she gets the color and evidently mixed it wrong...put it on for the time she was supposed to.. and then when she rinsed it out, she noticed it didn't lather like it should have. She got it rinsed out and she said it was YELLOWWWW.....she was LIVID..and you know how that is, the only one you can be mad at is Y.O.U. and now you are so mad at YOU, and now you can't just be done......nope, this situation must be dealt with immediately! Something else to deal she had more developer from somewhere and remixed it correctly.....put it on again......this time, it came out (quoting her sister, after seeing a picture of her), a nice Autumn Green!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!! I told her at least she is ready for FALL! I know I'm laughing, but it was so funny, and she KNEW I would think it was....her husband told her he would take her out to eat, and that he would be proud to have a brown-eyed, green haired lady on his arm! Isn't that sweet? Well I don't know if they went to dinner or not, but she told me the next day she was going to the hairdresser ...after get it corrected. So much for saving a buck huh?!! I told her that she wasn't alone! I thought I would be thrifty one time and tried to hi-lite mine one time....after spending half the day pulling it through the cap and getting a stiff neck, I put the color on there.....later, went back to check it and freaked out, thinking it was too light....washed it out...NOPE.. not light enough! It ended up this peachy, reddish color. Looked like Woody Woodpecker! Had to go get it fixed...anyhow, after reading about her dilemma, I looked down and there was this collage that I had made, and here were the words "Discover the Beauty of Green"!!!! Can you believe? I promptly sent it to her and told her that I guess I must have really been thinking about her lately!! She sent back a reply saying that the lady in the collage looks better than her!!! LOL!!!! I have kept ya'll long enough....night night...and like my daughter used to say when she was little, Don't Let the Angels Bite!!


Nancy said...

This is the cutest story.....I think all females have been in this situation and after it's over, it can be so funny.

Love your has so much personality.

Diane said...

How funny! And so true--the things we do to save money that usually end up costing us more. Great collage!! (as always :)

Terri Kahrs said...

ROFL!!!! BEEN there with Ronald McDonald hair!!! I tried to home color when my son was about 4 or 5. When I took the towel off and saw my bright orange hair my son looked at me and said, "Mommy, Mommy, you have Cyndi Lauper hair!!!" Enough said!!! Your collage is superb!!! It isn't easy being green!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

apinkdreamer said...

amazing page!!!!

rachel awes said...

i am sooooo excited
to find & follow
your BEAUTIFUL blog
& dear, dear creations here!
is a secret garden
& i look forward
to retreating in
again. xox

Bevie said...

Hi sweetie, I love your page too..especially the way you use is good..ehehhe!! I've missed posting on your lovely blog!!! (((hugs)))

BlueRidgeLady said...

Well aren't ya'll so sweet for coming by to see me and for leaving such nice comments! You know I appreciate it alot! Rachel, so nice to meet you, I will be visiting you soon! Hope that you all are having a fun Labor Day today! It's been a HOT one LOL! My yard looks like the Sahara desert! I will be posting soon and talking about the weekend...go enjoy the rest of the day!! Love!

Dezinaworld said...

Love the collage its fantastic and I adore green too but will stick with my normal hair colouring hehe love your tale about your friends hair. I once had mine come out bright orange ... i looked like the pause stage on traffic lights lol.
hugs June xxxxx

Marit said...

Haha..yep, all ladies have been in some sort of situation like this once... I do remember mine!!! It wasn't green tho... LOVE your green lady on the collage and love the story!