Tuesday, November 23, 2010


mightee*mouse- grapes and turkey
rubyblossom- background
melissamh-Thanksgiving greeting
Norma Frances-scalloped border
Astrid MacLean-borders
Created for Week 104 with Collage Play with Crowabout. Rubyblossom provided such a nice scenic background, there was no painting on this one! I hope that you and yours have a beautiful Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for you all!! See you soon!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Few New Pics!

I got a new camera, and yesterday I went to a couple of parks near me and took some pictures. This one was taken at Vogel State Park, and Meeks Park in Blairsville, GA. As you can see, it was a gorgeous day, and I had alot of fun walking and taking pictures. Here's a few more....

And last but not least.....here is Pearl!

I hope you all are having a great day! I will see you again soon!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peace & Harmony

Hellewwww!!! Sorry I've been away so long. I got a new printer/scanner, so hopefully now I will be back in business, and life is really, really good now!!! Now I can print images and play on CROWABOUT soon!! This collage is barely that, the only thing glued on is the ball she is holding and the bird from Nancy Baumiller. The butterflies were from a sticker book I have. The background was created with acrylic paint and my Neo II crayons, along with H2O's to add a shimmer. I used copic markers and glitter pens too!

Been busy around here, last weekend we spent the weekend up in Cherokee, NC. The company my husband works for is painting a new hotel at Harrah's Casino, and Larry The Cable Guy was going to be performing there. Our friend got us tickets, so we all went, laughed till we cried! Lord, I apologise for him, LOL!. We ate good food and made new friends! The new hotel is gettiing close to being completed, and everyone has worked so hard, 7 days a week I might add! I got a tour and was not happy with having to wear a hard hat and goggles, but wowwww it's top notch beautiful and there is also going to be a Paula Deen restaurant there as well!

Went down and spent a night with my sister Molly too! We went to lunch and shopped at our favorite stores! Bought lots of pretty beads and will be buying more this Sunday, when my daugher Kathryn and I go to the Intergalactic BEAD Show!! She has gotten addicted to beads, guess I finally corrupted her.... YAY! One of these days I am going to post some of my jewelry in here. Well better go for now, have a nice night friends!