Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas!!

Hope you all have had a beautiful Christmas! We have gotten around 10 inches of snow! It is still snowing lightly. I think this has been one if the prettiest snows I have seen! My husband went out and took some pictures yesterday, so wanted to share this one with you all. This picture is our road, looks like it may be a few days before it's safe to drive down the mountain.
We are doing great though, and at least my husband is getting some rest time from work! Have a great night!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Credits: Nancy Bumiller for borders, the boy, and the dress, from her borders collection at Crowabout Studio B @
Kitty and butterfly came from Terri Kahrs I believe...thanks so much ladies!

I drew in the girl, then colored and smeared around her with Neo II crayons and colored pencil to shade and give some variation in color. The flowers in her hair were a pink color, but I forgot that the pink paint pen does not scan true to color for some reason....even the word "Decorate" didn't show up the true pink that it REALLY is....sigh....I then went over the flowers with a purple pen so they would at least show up! I used Copic marker to outline stuff.

Been snowed in all day so it was a perfect day to make some art! Psssst....still in my pajamas! Yea it's been one of those days haa haa! I should be wrapping presents or cleaning but I'll think about that tomorrow! Ya'll have a nice night! See ya later! xoxox

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Advice

Right side border, pink circle borders, rose border, and number border- Nancy Baumiller from Crowabout Studio B at
Girls dress- Rubyblossom
Cats and brown border- Becky F
Victorian images, flowers, and top scalloped border- Norma Frances
Quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson
Background was created with Neo II water soluble crayons and colored pencils for shading and copic markers. I drew girlie's face, arms and legs....that's about all that was mine!!! Don't know what I would do without all my amazing and generous images sources!! I've been paralyzed in the chair working on this practically all day! Time to walk away from the collage and tidy up!

This collage was inspired from the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, that my daugher Alyssa had as her status on Facebook yesterday. It says..."To laugh often, and love much, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to give one's self... this is to have succeeded." I commented on how I really loved the quote, I hadn't heard it before, but it's pretty much the way I feel! When my sister Molly read her my comment she said "I feel a collage coming on Shelly" and then Alyssa said "You know it Molly, it will be in her next one! Ohhhh....they think they know me so well.... how could I not use it after that!???

Just wanna thank you all for visiting me and for all your sweeeet comments, that really touch my heart and encourage me everyday! Hope you all enjoy the night, I'll see ya soon! x0x

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Doodles

Credits to Nancy Baumiller at Crowabout Studio for Sunday border and dress
Dover Publishing for left flower border and bottom corner borders
Pink border- Becky F
I drew the girl last night, this morning I was trying to decide how I was going to use her in a collage. I had already pre-made the green background. I was looking through my images and came across the flower doodle I had done a longggg time ago. I cut it out and colored it in with Copic's, decided to put them in her hair. The rest just came together, really because it was SUNDAY, and I found the flower doodle LOL! I never thought I was going to get through it though....I had about 8 half empty dot glue runner containers....I would glue down a couple of things and one would run out, then I'd use up the rest of another one....then finally all of them were gone and I had to resort to a half dried out glue stick!!! Story of my life! SANTA!!! Please bring me an unlimited supply of dot glue runner refills!!!!!! LOL doesn't take much to make me happy :D Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, and hope you got to doodle too! Doodle lou!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Look What I Got!

I received a canvas of one of my earlier collages in the mail! I loved the way it turned out and highly recommend for anyone that is interested!! Patricia was so nice and helpful, and the entire transaction went beautifully! The hardest part was trying to find a place in this cabin to hang it! Still not sure about that, but you know how that is! Just thought I would share it with you all, hope you all are having an ARTY kind of day in some way! See yall soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wild and Wise

Credits to Nancy Baumiller at Crowabout Studio for borders
Astrid Maclean for briefcase man, hand and disco ball
Door from Paperscraps
the rest of the images from magazines or stash

I decided that I wish I could draw and paint. I need to practice lots more doing both. Here I did a little sketchy....not like I'm really happy with it, but I'm learning and having fun! I drew her first on plain paper and colored her in with Copic markers, cut and pasted her in. Yesterday was the perfect ART day, windy and rainy all day long. Today is pretty and cold LOL! Nice to see the sun though. Ya'll have a great night, I'll see ya later!