Monday, January 24, 2011


Credits to Nancy Baumiller for the images she gave us to us in the Crowabout Group this week! Also, I want to thank my sister Molly, for the Eiffel Tower image. It is from an actual photo she took while visiting Paris with her family. I wish you would visit her photostream to see the actual picture. It was so beautiful, and there you will also see other photos from the trip and her beautiful flowers! Visit here:
I decided the background image I used needed to be more muted, so I used the spray feature in MS Paint, and sprayed white and lavender paint onto the background.....the blue was from my Neo II crayon and then I used this marker I had for some of the other blue. I also tinted it some with colored pencils. I tinted the skin on the ladies and the man with a Copic marker, and colored her dress with the same. I drew the topiaries and colored, cut and pasted them in for some greenery! The composition for the collage came together quicker than they usually do for me, once I decided the curtains needed to be the border....they were red but decided to recolor them to fit into the color scheme I was using. I have always wanted to go to France, and I hope we will one day! Enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dress Extravagantly!

Credits to Nancy Baumiller for the images to use in the Crowabout group. Also, for all the borders except the top left yellow one, that was from Dover Publishing, and the top rose border that was a doodle I did oneday while on the phone. Thanks to Nancy also for the funny person with the quitar and the face on the lady with the black dress! Wow Nancy thanks for everything!
Felt so good to make some art! I loved all the images this week for the challenge. I had already painted this background and decided to use it this week. The background image included in the mix Nancy gave us was beautiful, but it was hard for me to use it and make it different than everyones, so I used this one I had instead. The other one will show up one day in another collage I'm sure!
We are enjoying a cold but snow free weekend. It has been so nice to see the sun! Might get some more snow within the next few days, we will see I guess! I've been making a few bracelets and another collage I can't show yall yet....but I will! Have an arty weekend, and thank you all so much for visiting and for all your sweet comments. You all always make me smile! :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Credits to Nancy Baumiller at Crowabout Studio B @ for left border, bottom border, house, clothes and faces! Some of the other borders came from magazines from my stash
cat face- Becky F
Hello!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We had a great fun over the holidays being with family and friends. We are for the most part, now snowed in on the mountain. It started snowing Monday night while we were at the hospital. My husband had been having some bad indigestion and his blood pressure had shot up. We didn't know what to do. We didn't want him to get worse, and not be able to get down the mountain to the hospital. We decided to go down before the storm came and let them check him just to be sure everything was okay. Well they did EKG, chest X-ray and blood work. Everything looked good, but the decided to admit him and keep him overnight to test his blood every 6 hours, to rule out a heart attack. So, we spent the night, and finally found out the next day that he was fine. YAY!!!!! They gave him some sort of gastro cocktail and his blood pressure got under control. We were exhausted......but he was released. Only problem was.....all the SNOW!! I was afraid for us to drive in it, but my husband informed me that "we're goin home" we went! The roads were bad, but we crept along and did okay. We tried to come up the mountain but got to the first steep part and the car veered to the left and almost hit a small tree! Visualize the scenerio......coming up a mountain, drop off on left of we are sitting close to the left edge. I was freaking out....I just wanted to walk away and deal with it later! So he kept working at it and now we are sitting cross ways in the road facing the drop off! He finally got us turned around...and we inched down to the bottom and left the car where his truck already was, at a neighbors vacation home. Then we had to walk up the mountain (it's about a mile and a half) in the snow....and it was still snowing......whewwwww.....quite an adventure. By the time we got to the top, our faces were numb and my lungs were hurting from breathing in the artic cold air. Can you even imagine how happy we were to be walking in the door of our little warm cabin with our three kitties greeting us at the door meowing and swirling around us? We were HOME!!!!! I will keep you all posted! Stay warm and have a great day!!