Friday, February 4, 2011

Credits to Nancy Baumiller for images for this weeks Crowabout challenge, and for the PLAY image, and the pink cut out hearts from Crowabout Studio B. Dover publishing for the bottom right corner image.
Background colors done with Neo II crayons...oh how I love those.... I cut out and recolored the lady in red. Recolored the fans on top border to give them a pinker hue to go with the background color. I journaled about the trip to the SPA I am going to tomorrow to celebrate my friend Donna's 50th birthday! I am really looking forward to THAT, seeing her and being with my girlfriends!
Credits to clotho98 for Winx Mascara ad which included the top left corner border and the blonde lady's face, to Nancy Baumiller for some of the borders and the brown dress, to Fidgetrainbowtree for the beautysheet in the free images collage group and to Mon1ca for Glamour Girl image. The lady in the black and white dress on right, I got from an old magazine.
I made this collage for my friend Diane for her 50th birthday. It wasn't hard to decide the theme for this collage.. she works for Estee's good to have a friend in that profession! The funniest thing is.......I was looking for a head for the dress and came upon the Winx mascara add and I couldn't believe how much the face reminded me of a character picture of her! How perfect!! She is one of my oldest and best friends ever. She and I were pregnant with our 2nd child when we met. Her son Michael was born one week before my daughter Kathryn was born. She was my neighbor, and when the kids got to preschool age, we would carpool to school. Then when they rode the bus, we would meet in our vans at the bus stop, in our robes, with our coffee and talk for an hour after the bus left! Our children were close friends all through high school and still are to this day. Great friends and fun memories, now I gotta snap out of it and get back to the real world and go to the grocery store! Have a great weekend!


Butterfly Works said...

What special memories....she is going to love her birthday present...You did a fantastic it..

Susan said...

Great collages, but that's what I've grown to expect. What a lovely description of your friendship with Diane. And Donna's Spa trip sounds like fun. Hope you had a great time!

Janny said...

They are really beaitufil, I love these crayons also;o)I think your friend was happy with her present;o)

Marit said...

What a beautiful present for your friend, and precious memories you share! Aaahhh, I think everyone must have at least one friend like that in their life! (I'm lucky I have one, and she turns 50 in April... gotta think about her present too!)

Katy said...

love, love, love your artwork! so inspiring. check out mine if you get a chance. - i'd love to hear what you think. :) thank you!