Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Of My Favorite Things

Right flower border & cat-Pringle Hill Studios
Sunflower, left border behind man- Becky F
Fan- Roads Untraveled
Half zetti circle at top-Fidgetrainbowtree
Man with hat- plaisanter
"E"- clotho
In Your Life-enigmachck1
Woman dancing-Norma Frances
House border, Play, And, Be, Woman border on right, face, cat ears,
and large background flower- Nancy Baumiller
The rest of the images came from my stash
Wheww! Vertigo alert! I think I got it creating this one, but y'all know me...more is more! I wish I could restrain myself sometimes, but it never seems to happen! The first background was already done, how easy....but then I decided I didn't like the plain green background, so I painted and stamped with napkin patterns and bubble wrap......wasn't happy with that, so I painted over it again. Wiped off paint layers....I am amazed I didn't tear a hole in it. Painted over it again and ended up being happier with it, but now I covered up most of it, so you can't see it anyway! I have much to learn. I always admire layering that I see in our friends work. Practice, practice practice LOL! Enjoy your afternoon, can't believe it's that time already. I have seen the sun peak out a few times today. I feel better already!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thinking Back

Credits: Top border- Mon1ca
The rest were from magazines

Finished this one yesterday. Now I know why I don't paint. Getting the tone right is the hardest thing for me. I first used Copic markers, and the tone was better, but then it ran with the pencil/marker out line and had little spots from the marker on to paint over it, and covered the spots, but now the tone is too light and too pink! Oh well. Still had fun creating it and remembering playing in that meadow when we were young. Back to the real world, LOL!
Hope that you all have a perfect spring day!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flower border-magazine
Top left border- From a Microsoft Paint drawing I did.
Girls face on right- ArtBy Chrysti
Fairy Girl with wings- ladyinblack1964
Fish, border & butterflies- Neefer
Top & bottom border- Nancy Baumiller
Casino de Paris- Emilynnn
Really & Delightful- fidgetrainbowtree
Background- Terri Kahrs (Pringle Hill Studios)
Woman in red hat- Mrs. Inman
Alphabet- Neefer
I have coveted this pretty background I got from Terri at Pringle Hill Studios a while back. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it and this collage was it! I need to stock up on some of these amazing backgrounds I come across, from the kind and talented friends that share them, I could never create one this cool!! Thank you Terri!

Happy Spring! I will be taking some pictures of my yard and various things as I can, for a future post. Have a good night!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

House Of Fun

"Welcome To The House Of Fun" words, left dark border, face, eyes from Nancy Baumiller from Crowabout Studio B
Proctor and Gamble left top border- DALAIWMN
Checkered border- Norma Frances
Cats- Becky F
The rest of the images are from my stash and magazines
This time I used acrylic paint and also some word stamping, that you can't see for the background. The cats were the inspiration for this one. They have really been up to no good lately! Even now Sophia is practically laying on the keyboard, purring her head off, amused by the lady bug crawling on the mouse pad, yes, they are STILL here... and a few minutes ago, I saw her licking her paw after she dipped it in my coffee! Glad I caught that! Seems like there is always a cat up on the desk when I am trying to work....but I love them soooo much! I hope you all have a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY loves, and always remember to never iron a four leaf clover, or you will press your luck!! I saw that quote from a friend yesterday, and thought it was so funny! See ya later!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Look Inside

Background (used as top left border)- DoubleM2
"Guide To"- ArtbyChrysti
Silly Men border-
Nurse face and Monkey- DALAIWMN
"Originality"- scavengerart
"I Certainly Can"- emilynnn
"Look Inside" & "For Your"- Crankydragon
Hat- Nancy Baumiller
Dress & Flowers- magazine
Steps- Rubyblossom
Created for the Collage Play with Crowabout group. I used Neo II crayons in the background. I colored in several colors and then smeared with a baby wipe. All images were hand cut and glued on, then copic markers used here and the along with colored pencil (black) for shading.

I have some happy news! Our daughter Cindy is getting married this Saturday! We are so happy for them and welcome Bill to the family! Looking forward to being with them and the family this weekend! Hope you all have a great week. Thanks for coming by :D

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Journaling

Butterfly- tomeki28
Legs- Norma Frances
Fan- Roads Untraveled
Dress- Me
Eyes, face and flowers- magazine

Sometimes, I just wanna sit down and draw and color. I don't want to have a theme or think about a theme....or have to worry about sometimes I just do that. It was great fun! Already had the background done, made it even funner! The lines are really a pinker color, but it didn't scan that way. Thanks for looking! Have a fun day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Under The Willow Tree

House- Rubyblossom
Background- takabreak
Kissing couple- Stampingmad
Pink rose- pheobe (Fee Bee Dee)
Love ribbon- Norma Frances
Scalloped border- Norma Frances
Rose border (top corners)- sassyarts
The background image from takeabreak was of a music sheet. I used MS Paint to block out a little of it, then colored the sky and grass with Neo II crayons. I decided a tree was needed, and I have noticed some of the willow trees starting to bud out...I always think they are so pretty. Guess that is how this one came about. Hope you all enjoy your day!!