Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Look Inside

Background (used as top left border)- DoubleM2
"Guide To"- ArtbyChrysti
Silly Men border- DeadFred.com
Nurse face and Monkey- DALAIWMN
"Originality"- scavengerart
"I Certainly Can"- emilynnn
"Look Inside" & "For Your"- Crankydragon
Hat- Nancy Baumiller
Dress & Flowers- magazine
Steps- Rubyblossom
Created for the Collage Play with Crowabout group. I used Neo II crayons in the background. I colored in several colors and then smeared with a baby wipe. All images were hand cut and glued on, then copic markers used here and the along with colored pencil (black) for shading.

I have some happy news! Our daughter Cindy is getting married this Saturday! We are so happy for them and welcome Bill to the family! Looking forward to being with them and the family this weekend! Hope you all have a great week. Thanks for coming by :D


Marit said...

Congrats to Cindy and Bill, and to YOU ofcourse!!! Have a great day Saturday!!! I love your flowerfull collage!

Susan said...

Congratulations to the newlyweds! I'm sure it will be beautiful. Love this art, it is so colorful after such a long winter. I love the blue sky peeping through and who doesn't love a monkey ready for golf? All so fun. Take care and try not to ruin your make up when you cry at the wedding. Hugs.

Ophelia said...

How awesome is that!!! Congrats to you and your daughter! How exciting!
Love the journal page!