Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fair Warning


Ladies body- Cirus Faire
Woman/Swan glasses- DALAIWMN
Flower faces- Becky F
Oil Pastel Background- t42goller
Butterfly- tomeki28
3 Women facing away/license plates- takeabreak
Pointy hat, crow circle, Edgar circle- Digital Collage Images
Cowboy Border- jackandcatcurio
Border- The Glass Behive
Black border in right with white words- Nancy Baumiller

Oh this weeks challenge was so much fun! Loved the images you found for us Nancy. I've been busy around here, and this was the first piece I have had time to make lately. Hope you all had a beautiful Easter! We sure did, our daughter Kathryn is engaged! She found her ring in an Easter Egg hunt frenzy! She found the golden egg, and inside was a box with her ring inside! We are so happy for them, and now we have two daughters engaged! Our daughter Cindy recently married too! Lots to be excited about around here, and we are so proud of them all!

This month has been a horrid month for bad weather hear in north GA. It seems like every few days we have to worry about high winds and tornado threats! This morning we had a bad storm come though, wasn't as bad here as some areas. Many people are without power. Another round is on the way though....guess I need to batten down the hatches! Take care!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nursery Rhymes and Pics

Happy Baby Photo- sassyarts
Background- cparmelee1
Pink border- ltl blonde
Quilt dog- Buglady1104
Humpty On Wall- gr8plunder
Toy blocks- neefer
Nursery Rhymes- "T"eresa
Nursery Rhyme trading card- gr8plunder
Star- cleome1
Sheep- BeckyF
Stork Face- mimi1993
House border, city border, scalloped border- Nancy Baumiller
Just finished this yesterday for Crowabout. Loved using the "Hey diddle diddle" images...thought they were so cute! It was a favorite nursery rhyme of mine growing up, and still is! Creating this collage made me think of our Granddaughter Jessie. She is expecting another baby girl in September! Now we will be blessed with two great-granddaughters!

Here are a few garden pics I took the other day, hope you enjoy them!
This pretty girl is blooming right now in my yard. A native azalea, that I don't know the name of, but it smells wonderful!!!I'm so proud! I ordered these "Shooting Stars" a couple of years ago, and this is the first year they have bloomed! Aren't they cool!? So delicate too. I read they are native to Georgia. Well, let me just tell you, if I ever saw one blooming in the woods, I would get weak in the knees, my heart would start racing, and then I don't know what else would happen! I hope I get to find out one day!"Georgia Blue" one of my favorite perennials in the garden. Blooms early, and I love the pretty purple/blue color. Looks really pretty once it has spread in the garden, I will probably buy more!
Helleborus, Lenten Rose....they are coming up so pretty in the bed where I have them, soon they will fill up the entire bed, then I will take another picture of that to share :D
A wee bit blurry, but I'm surprised I captured a shot at all, this pretty butterfly was all over the place! I was so happy when I downloaded my pictures to see that I did get one!I got this pretty iridescent dragon fly at Home Depot! There were other colors too, and some other butterflies, a hummingbird, and other yard arty things there too!
I wanted to show y'all the sun I bought at the Southeaster Flower Show in Atlanta! I've been wanting a sun for the side of the house, and never really found the right one. When I saw this one my friend Susan told me I had to get this one, and I agreed!

Thanks for stopping by! Have yourselves a perfect day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dream Big

Top border, side word border, hand, eye, Dream- Nancy Baumiller, Borders & Bits kit, Crowabout Studio B @,
Asian children- clotho
colorful border under eye- Becky F
Bird (red)- paperscraps Bird (blue)- Suzee Que
Numbered border- angellea, checkered border (legs)- vampirecolette
Chinese Kazak x 2 corners- neefer
other borders & bits- mizjadeadams
Dress/body- Norma Frances, heart- cleome, blue crown- scavengerart
Created for Collage Play with Crowabout, lots of pretty images to work with this week. Thanks everyone for the images.
We've had some bad weather this past weekend here in Georgia. Many people lost power and some just got it back on yesterday! Lots of trees down. We were really lucky, although I did spend a scary hour or two in the basement. We did lose power, but only for a few hours. Today is a beautiful day on the mountain. I think it is time to head out into the sun!