Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dream Big

Top border, side word border, hand, eye, Dream- Nancy Baumiller, Borders & Bits kit, Crowabout Studio B @,
Asian children- clotho
colorful border under eye- Becky F
Bird (red)- paperscraps Bird (blue)- Suzee Que
Numbered border- angellea, checkered border (legs)- vampirecolette
Chinese Kazak x 2 corners- neefer
other borders & bits- mizjadeadams
Dress/body- Norma Frances, heart- cleome, blue crown- scavengerart
Created for Collage Play with Crowabout, lots of pretty images to work with this week. Thanks everyone for the images.
We've had some bad weather this past weekend here in Georgia. Many people lost power and some just got it back on yesterday! Lots of trees down. We were really lucky, although I did spend a scary hour or two in the basement. We did lose power, but only for a few hours. Today is a beautiful day on the mountain. I think it is time to head out into the sun!


Marit said...

I'm glad you're alright dear, and electricity is back on. You sat in the basement while we had the most marvelous Spring days... I love your collage! I too made a page stating the same line... it's good to dream BIG!!!

Nessa said...


indybev said...

Oh, Blue Ridge Lady, you are the absolute queen of this type of art. I love this piece -- but then I love them all!