Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well it's been so long since I have made any ART, I'm afraid I may have forgotten how! I did make this bracelet last night though! I had forgotten I had bought the blue beads at a bead show Kathryn and I went to a few months ago. I was trying to figure out a way to take a picture of it where you could see the light shining through it. The blue beads are semi opaque, and they just glow. It was fun playing with all my beads again, but I DO miss collaging and hope that I can work on some things next week.

Been working in the yard when I can, working in Kathryn's new yard...oh! Yea! They got a house! Really nice first home for them, and in a really nice neighborhood, close to where we used to live. We all went over on Saturday and trimmed bushes, put pine straw out, and did whatever we needed to do to it. Looked so good, like someone lived there! I was going to go out today and do a few things but it was too cold!! I want y'all to know that it was 47 when I woke up this morning, stayed cold and cloudy all day and I have the heat on! Never would have dreamed it would be too cold to work out in the yard in the middle of May! Oh well, it will be back up to almost 90 by the weekend! Hope you all are doing good and creating something amazing! Enjoy your night :D