Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I spent the morning out on the back porch, drinking my coffee and taking pictures! This little guy happened to be on the table, just waiting for me to take his picture!

I'm still mad at them for climbing my feeder pole, but how can I be mad at them long, look how cute! Time to grease the pole!!Loved, loved, loved this pretty boy...chirping away...
We've had lots of rabbits visiting this year.
Butterfly weed is blooming now, soon the pink bee balm will be involved!

We've been watching a couple of foxes down in the backyard. I hadn't seen them in a few days, since we mowed. Was excited when I saw them down there this morning sitting in the sun.

The red carpet roses and my purple aster in full bloom, hope you all enjoyed them and hope you all have a perfect day too!


Marit said...

You must live in paradise... ohmygoodness, all those animals around your house?! I think I would spend all day on the porch! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day Shelly!

Susan said...

What great shots. Love the coleus, they remind me of my Grandma, she loved them and they always flourished for her. Those little foxes are so cute. Do they have black socks on like ours do? I agree, you have plenty of reasons to camp out on your own porch all day. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Pure paradise! What a thrill it must be to see such nature in your own yard! I have always loved Praying Mantis. They are so cool! We get the cute gray squirrels and lots of loud crows... some sweet little doves sometimes too.

Have a great day.


indybev said...

I feel as if I've had a walk in the park! Beautiful photos. Great shot of the praying mantis.

BlueRidgeLady said...

I really do feel like I live in paradise! It was really, really hard to come back inside today. It may rain tomorrow, so I may be forced to stay inside and do things that need to be done or maybe do some ART which I am really missing! Thank you all for visiting, I always love to see you all!! Hugs to ya!

joanne said...

wow, look at all the little critters coming to visit you. It's like you're Snow White and all of her little forest friends are gathering around her. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Janie Husband said...

love, love these photos.....the fox is amazing..... and of course so is your collage work....;-)