Thursday, June 16, 2011

Me, Myself & I

Glasses and dress- Norma Frances
Cat face and circles- Becky F
Black and white floral border- neefer
Fairy is from the one in my yard
all the rest of the images were from magazines and my stash
New ART finally!! I had so much fun with this one last night! Couldn't watch TV anyhow, because it was storming too bad. Perfect collaging weather! The background was a combo of acrylic purple and pinks with white sponged on paint. I didn't like it at first, but added some circles with hi lite pens and Copics, and ended up liking it after I added all the doodles. I love opaque pens! Need some new ones though....and just new markers in general! The fairy in the collage is from a picture I took of her in my yard. There was an accident of some sort, not long after I got her, probably from high winds or an animal, and somehow she was knocked over, and sadly she lost her wing....I still have it....may try to repair her one day, but that is why on the left side of the picture it's cut off. Poor sweet girl.....I drew her a transparent wing, do you see it?
Hope you all have a good weekend and have fun celebrating Father's Day! We are going to a party in honor of a dear neighbor who is moving for his job, on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing all the neighbors and hanging out. Friday, we will take Dad and Carolyn out to dinner for Fathers Day, Sunday the girls and families are coming over to see Daddy! Gonna be a busy but fun weekend. See y'all later!

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Marit said...

Oh my, poor fairy. You gave her a marvelous wing though! Sometimes we need a little help to fly... Love the collage! Have a nice and fun weekend!