Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lucky Me!

Just thought I would show y'all the necklace and bracelet I got the other day! I had been eyeing the bracelet for some time now. They are both from the "Lucky" designer jewelry. I love everything they have, but especially this bracelet. I loved the way each stone was different on the bracelet. I tried it on many times, and reluctantly put it back and never bought it. It wasn't like it was even that expensive. Guess I had other things I needed more, you know....anyhow, the other day was the day I guess, because I decided I was having it! While I was trying it on and paying for it, my husband walks over and was looking at it, and I was showing him some of the other cool necklaces, earrings and other stuff on the display rack. He liked them all too, he said, then said he was going to go look at the men's shoes. So I went over to where he was after I got done and he ended up buying some shoes. While I was paying for them, he said he was going to go get the truck and pick me up. I walked out into the heat wave and I didn't see him anywhere. I was just getting ready to call him and here he came out of the mall. He said he was looking at some T-shirts or something. We got in the truck and I get a call on my cell from a lady at the mall where I bought a new bra. She asked me to look in the bag and by mistake there was the same bra, but the wrong size in there. Sooooo, we had to go husband dropped me off at the entrance, and I went in and exchanged it. I come out and get back in the truck and hanging from his rear view mirror was the necklace! That is where he had gone before when he said he was looking at T-shirts. He went and bought it for me! Long story just to tell you all that, but that's just the way I have to explain things sometimes, so you would be surprised too! Wasn't that so sweet??? He is a sweetie!! I really AM lucky!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Borders- Nancy Baumiller and Becky F
Lady- magazine
children- Collage Play with Crowabout Image from Nancy Baumiller
I remember going to my first Firework Show. My Dad was in the Jaycees in the town I grew up in, and they always put on the firework show every 4th of July. I just thought it was the most magical experience I had ever seen. I didn't know about the "grand finale" and thought some war had broke out when it happened. Scared me so bad, but I still love them! We don't really go watch them anymore, but we can see them over the mountains, in this town and that town, and from people shooting off their own. We have our own show! I plan on taking a little toddy out on the porch and watching them! Hope you all get to see some where you are, have fun!