Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Credits: Only one!
Face- Fidgerainbowtree
All the rest of the images came from magazines

Collage is such a cheap hobby! If you are a cutter and paster as I am, you can find images so easily. Kathryn had given me some magazines to look through and when I got done, I had a big stack of pretty images that I couldn't wait to use. The quote is from Maya Angelou. Loved it!
These next couple of pictures were taken last weekend at the Ocoee River, Whitewater Rafting Center. The river was so pretty and we had fun watching the rafters. I snapped this one from the hiking trail that runs along the river. We had never been on that path before, and want to take our bikes next time.
Loved this picture and this tree....
These pictures got out of sequence but...here is Pearl in the water bag again! I had to show you all, she is so funny and always into something!
This picture was taken at a baby shower for our Granddaughter Jessie, and Great-granddaughter, Riley's 3rd Birthday party a couple of weeks ago, the cute little girl on the right is one of Jessie's friends little girl. They both got lots and lots of gifts! A friend made the diaper cake for her on the left, what a great idea! I might have better luck cooking one! Hope you all enjoy your evening, what a perfect day here on the mountain, see you soon!


Susan said...

You know I always love your work. Did I tell you I started a new blog about where we create our art? Come over to my regular blog and click on the link in my current post. I'd love to showcase you in the future. BTW, Pearl is such a sweetie, love that shot.

Terri Kahrs said...

Hey, Miss Shelly! Sorry i've been a bit absent . . . we've been busy getting through the stuff that Mother Nature's been throwing at us lately. Love this piece! Thanks so much for stopping by and all of your lovely comments. And . . . . good luck in my giveaway too! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo

Sandra Kaye said...

Hi, Shelly, I'm a new blogger and a follower. I really like your style of collage. Just beautiful. Come see me if you get a chance. hugs-- Sandie