Friday, September 23, 2011

New Bracelet

Made this wire wrapped bracelet last night. Whewww...the wire I bought was a little to stiff for me, so it was hard! Will have to get some different wire when I can. My hands are sore! Still had fun playing with my beads....I have missed them! Hope you all have a nice weekend, see ya soon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crowabout- Week 133
Border- Candy Smi
Background- Rubyblossom
Stained Glass Window- Home and Heart
Butterflies- Mrs. Inman
Bird: Paperscraps
Was looking for a quote that suited this scenerio, and borrowed it from my friend Silke. If you visit her blog, you will see a beautiful canvas wrapped Poppy that she has in her Etsy shop. She is so talented. I love her work AND her blog. She had a picture of the Poppy on her facebook page, with the above quote on her status. When I saw the quote, I remembered how much I liked it and thought it would work well with this week's challenge. Thank you Silke and Hans Christian Anderson!! I drew the girl and cut and pasted her in. I used acrylic paint and watercolor crayons for the background. Hope you all have a magical evening!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Borders: Nancy Baumiller. Becky F, astridmaclean, rubyblossom
eye- Fidgetrainbowtree

Face- Nancy Baumiller
Finished this one today, took me a while...I did the background one day while collaging with my daughter Kathryn. All I had completed when we stopped working that day, were the borders. Was nice to pick it back up and move on to whatever else I was going to do. I never really know...I used to sit for hours trying to think up a theme, trying to make it all make sense. What that did was stall the whole process. I got some good advice from a friend one time, she said not to think about it too much...Do the borders with things you like and once you decide on a central image, the rest will come..and somehow it does. So, it's always a surprise to me too, to see the final piece. Thanks to you all for stopping by! I like it! Have a good night :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marley Grace!

Great Granddaughter Marley Grace, born Sept. 2, 2011. 7lbs. 5oz., 20 in. long! Just had to brag and share...when I saw this picture it melted my heart!!!
everything went well, and we are truly blessed!!! Today however, Jessie (Marley's Mom) is at the emergency room with a kidney stone! She passed it luckily. Hopefully she will be on her way home soon to her sweet girls! Just wanted to say hello and show you all the newest addition to the family! Have a fun filled, perfect, pretty day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Borders- Nancy Baumiller
Background- thegraphicsaddict
Conch Shell & Starfish-CandySmi
Flowers-Kelly Kautz
Fish- dutchclogs
Beach Club border-thegraphicaddict
"At the seashore"- Suzee Que

We are having some cool weather! Air is off and the windows are open! We got some much needed rain, and today it was still cloudy. Perfect day for some new art, and that is just what I did! Where did the day go? Have a good night!