Thursday, September 15, 2011

Borders: Nancy Baumiller. Becky F, astridmaclean, rubyblossom
eye- Fidgetrainbowtree

Face- Nancy Baumiller
Finished this one today, took me a while...I did the background one day while collaging with my daughter Kathryn. All I had completed when we stopped working that day, were the borders. Was nice to pick it back up and move on to whatever else I was going to do. I never really know...I used to sit for hours trying to think up a theme, trying to make it all make sense. What that did was stall the whole process. I got some good advice from a friend one time, she said not to think about it too much...Do the borders with things you like and once you decide on a central image, the rest will come..and somehow it does. So, it's always a surprise to me too, to see the final piece. Thanks to you all for stopping by! I like it! Have a good night :D


Nessa Pretty Days said...

i love this butterfly girl and the background!

Susan said...

Very nice. Good advice, must be a pretty smart friend. I always love your work, from the sentiment to the lettering to the colors. Bravo!

Janny said...

As always, beautiful work!