Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Greetings

Crowabout- Week 135
Background- ArtbyChrysti

Top border & Bottom left Dream It- Nancy Baumiller
Face on left bottom- Fidgetrainbowtree
Lady's face top right-mrs parkr
Fairy dress- La Dama de Collage/Andria
Halloween card verse- Mrs. Inman
Cod fish-Plaisanter(NY Public Library, public domain)
Guy with hand out- Mrs. Inman
Guy with hands hanging down- Fidgetrainbowtree
Cat face, borders strips, and circles- Becky F
Dress on crazy lady- Land of Nod Studios
Wing on cat- astrid maclean
Checkered Border-norma frances
bottom numbered scalloped border- angellea

Created for Crowabout challenge, I've had that crazy lady on the top right, for sometime now, and haven't really figured out a way to use her until this collage LOL! I really like her! She looks, how I feel sometimes! I guess since it is almost Halloween, I can get away with it! Enjoy the evening :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Crowabout- Week134

Background- lizzie_anne
Pumpkin, Face in birdcage- SuzeeQ
Birdcage, bat & skull- jackandcatcurio
Side border, Halloween- Norma Frances
Checkered Floor- plaisanter
Vintage cat face- greymouser2006
Vintage Photo" Mrs. Inman
Postcard- SuzeeQ
Thanks to Nancy Baumiller for finding these fun images to use in this weeks group challenge. Halloween is so fun! Guess I never grew up in some ways :D The last time I dressed up for the holiday, was for a Halloween Costume party my sister and brother in law were having. I dressed up as Elvira, with a long black wig, and my husband was a clown! I had so much fun painting his face! I also painted his fingernails red, and Molly almost didn't recognize us when she answered the door, and we almost didn't recognize them! They dressed up as old people. It was so fun and hilarious! The next day when he asked me to get the nail polish off, I went to get the nail polish remover and I didn't have any! He had to go to Home Depot with red nail polish on! So funny thinking back...guess we stopped at the drug store on the way home! Have a good afternoon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Karen's Bracelet

A bracelet I made for my friend Karen. The center, side and toggle are sterling silver. The pink and blue beads are dichroic glass beads. The green beads are faceted jade. I hope she likes it :D

New England Aster blooming it's head off in my yard. It's nice to see some color as things are beginning to fade out....
This is a native plant called Turtlehead, or Genitian ....I found growing in the woods by my cabin..the petals never really open fully. They stay closed to resemble a turtles head. It was so funny, the day I took the picture, as I was walking over to the plant, I noticed two turtles mating! What are the odds of that? They froze when they saw me, so I stayed still and observed. After the male was successful, they both tipped over on their backs. I noticed he used his head to hurl himself back over...then he just crawled away leaving the female on her back! Well!! There's other turtles in the woods! Enjoy this beautiful day my friends :D