Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Greetings

Crowabout- Week 135
Background- ArtbyChrysti

Top border & Bottom left Dream It- Nancy Baumiller
Face on left bottom- Fidgetrainbowtree
Lady's face top right-mrs parkr
Fairy dress- La Dama de Collage/Andria
Halloween card verse- Mrs. Inman
Cod fish-Plaisanter(NY Public Library, public domain)
Guy with hand out- Mrs. Inman
Guy with hands hanging down- Fidgetrainbowtree
Cat face, borders strips, and circles- Becky F
Dress on crazy lady- Land of Nod Studios
Wing on cat- astrid maclean
Checkered Border-norma frances
bottom numbered scalloped border- angellea

Created for Crowabout challenge, I've had that crazy lady on the top right, for sometime now, and haven't really figured out a way to use her until this collage LOL! I really like her! She looks, how I feel sometimes! I guess since it is almost Halloween, I can get away with it! Enjoy the evening :D


Holly Loves Art said...

Oh this is fun and spooky! Perfect for Halloween. Thanks for sharing all this creative fun-ness!
Happy Halloween!

Janie Husband said...

i love all the fun and color of halloween....when the kids were around we would decorate the whole i have to go to town to see all of the hoop-la.....but it is still fun... i love your greeting...;-)

indybev said...

Oh my word, I'm impressed with your listing of credits for this piece. How did you keep track of them all? Anyway, it's a fun, fun bit of art, colorful and in the spirit of Halloween!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thanks to you all!! Bev, the only way I can keep up with it, is to print out the credits listed under the image sheet, I'm not always good about it, because I have so many images and some I've had for along time, and I didn't write down where I got them...also, I wish that I could make the space between each smaller, but it won't let me! It sure would be easier not to have to list them LOL! I'm trying anyhow. Thanks to you all for coming by!

Susan said...

Love it-as usual. The crazy lady at the top is great. Such a fun collage. Also love the look on that kitty's face. Hugs.