Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Crowabout- Week134

Background- lizzie_anne
Pumpkin, Face in birdcage- SuzeeQ
Birdcage, bat & skull- jackandcatcurio
Side border, Halloween- Norma Frances
Checkered Floor- plaisanter
Vintage cat face- greymouser2006
Vintage Photo" Mrs. Inman
Postcard- SuzeeQ
Thanks to Nancy Baumiller for finding these fun images to use in this weeks group challenge. Halloween is so fun! Guess I never grew up in some ways :D The last time I dressed up for the holiday, was for a Halloween Costume party my sister and brother in law were having. I dressed up as Elvira, with a long black wig, and my husband was a clown! I had so much fun painting his face! I also painted his fingernails red, and Molly almost didn't recognize us when she answered the door, and we almost didn't recognize them! They dressed up as old people. It was so fun and hilarious! The next day when he asked me to get the nail polish off, I went to get the nail polish remover and I didn't have any! He had to go to Home Depot with red nail polish on! So funny thinking back...guess we stopped at the drug store on the way home! Have a good afternoon!


Holly Loves Art said...

It's wonderful! Happy Halloween and happy Fall to you too!

indybev said...

Great page, Shelly. I love that "punkin" !!

roc said...

that's funny shel! omg - it reminds me when my hub dressed up in my ballerina tutu and feathered headdress! what we women do to our men! haha
love your halloween art. it's great!