Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Background- littlebrownwren
Moon Fairy- Pringle Hill Studio
Flying birds- Digital Collage Images
Two Sisters- Autumnsensation
Labels- iHanna
Old Bottle- takeabreak
Checkered strips- gr8plunder
#3- plaisanter
red/white circle- lolalee1002
Legs on Moon Fairy- Nancy Baumiller
Eyes- Nancy Baumiller
Some border pieces- Dover Publishing
Created for the Crowabout group. A little early for Valentines Day, but that is kinda the vibe I got from the images this week. That is okay, it will be here before we know it, and I love Valentines Day! Not much going on here, Christmas tree, still up....but I did walk 3 miles today! I really need to go down to the basement to work on some jewelry, but a couple of months ago, the Orkin man came. After going down in the basement to treat it, he came walking up the stairs and said "well I don't guess you want to know what I found down there" he puts those sticky paper things in several places down there...and he showed it to me, and it was a baby SNAKE! It was about 8-9 inches long, skinny, and dead! I screamed so loud, I scared him, and the cats flew off the couch and ran upstairs! I have no idea how it could have gotten down there, unless it was in those plants I brought in. Makes me literally cringe....and so, I haven't been down there much since then! I know it was a rare thing and all, but just not very relaxing trying to bead in fear. So I really wish I could bring all the beads and art stuff back up here to my loft desk, but the whole reason I moved them all downstairs was because of the cats laying on top of everything and I could leave the desk messy if I was working on something, etc. I really envy those that have studios, I look at them in magazines and wish I had one too!! One day maybe.
Almost time to watch Parenthood! My favorite show! Enjoy the night :D


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy checking in and seeing your different artworks. Its always colorful, imaginative and never fails to make me smile. Keep up the creative work and thanks for sharing.


Marit said...

A snake in the basement? Eeeckkk... that would scare me out big time!!! I know the feeling about not having a studio... but now that my son moved out of the house, a room of my own is almost at hands (there has to be some rearranging and internal moving done - and I'm too busy with my magazine to start on that right now... the prospect of having a studio in the near future gives a glorieus feeling though!)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I've just found your blog and flickr. Your art journals are just amazing. I'm just starting out and have seen hundreds, but yours are the best I have seen. Note to self: i must try harder! Thank you for sharing your work, it is so inspirational. Vicki - UK

10 Reasons to Buy an Xbox 360 said...

Great blog! Thanks for sharing.

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thank you I.M. for your reply! Means so very much, and inspires me to create more and more! Keep visiting! I like it!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Well lucky youuuuu Marit!! I know what you mean about the rearranging, same with our basement. Looks like for now, I am still going to have to keep things down there, but I have a massive project ahead, to rearrange, organize and make it fun to be down there! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Well do you know what you just did? Made my entire day, week, month and on and on! Your comment was the sweetest, and when I read it, it reminds me of me. You see, when I first started journaling and creating collages, I was so inspired by so many people I have met on Flickr, and now the blog world. Up until a few years ago, I had never heard of Flickr, or Blogger, or even Art Journaling. I thought, "what the heck have I been missing out on" and those people inspired me to "just do it" and keep doing it.....and I found a passion inside that I never knew existed. So I did it and kept doing it, and I got better. I still have so much to learn, and some days I see others art and think.."what am I doing, I will never be able to do that" but you know, in collage and journaling, there are NO MISTAKES...nothing has to be perfect. So just keep on keeping on and have fun! Keep visiting, loved hearing from you!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope to post more often, it's frustrating when life gets in my way of art and blogging, but I'm always around, and will always be back! Come by anytime!