Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Art

Top border & flowers & butterfly- Nancy Baumiller
all of the rest of the images are from magazines

Sure felt good to drag the art cart over and make a big mess last night! I may just leave it and get back to work. It was a rainy day yesterday and it was a perfect day for ART! I really loved this quote I saw on a sign in a gift store. I knew I would be using it somehow. Seems like good advice to me! I had created a few backgrounds not to long ago, so it really makes it nice to have that step done first. Most of the time is spent sifting through images and placing them where I want them.

It's getting close to picture taking time! Things are starting to bud out in the yard. We have (so far) managed to escape a bad winter, or I can almost so no winter. We have had some bad storms though, I sure hope my friends in the Murphy, N.C. area are okay, please let me know. I hope I will be back soon with more new ART! Enjoy your day!


Marit said...

That quote is hilareous and I definitely am going to 'steal' it dear... (can I? can I? Pleaaassee??) Just the inspiration I need! I love your bright artpiece, and wish you a bright and sunny weekend. (btw Spring arrived in the Netherlands too last week, yay!)

BlueRidgeLady said...

Why suuuure Marit! Quote on! I loved it too! Only wished I had printed the words, I 'm about to give up on the lettering! We are having rainy night in Georgia, glad I got the fertilizer out! Enjoy your Spring because I imagine it must be beautiful there! Glad you came by!

Renee Stien said...

Shelly yet another beautiful, colorful day - I love it!

indybev said...

The previous comment has me wondering what it's all about! But....I came to say this isyet another lovely, colorful display of your art.
(Are you sure it isn't supposed to "whet your mind"? )

BlueRidgeLady said...

Haa haa Bev!! I think itz supposed to be "wet" yer mine! Yes, I wasn't sure about that previous comment either, how confusing, not yours (Renee)! Thanks for the sweetest comments ever, love it when y'all come by! I've been in a whirlwind of activities lately and will eventually get back into my ART!

Anonymous said...

I love your art! Great to see your pix and congratulations on Posh!