Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well Hey!!!

Thought I would share a few pictures from the double Bridal Shower for my daughters, Alyssa & Kathryn.  My sister Molly, hosted the shower, and worked so hard to make it perfect in every way!  I loved being with everyone who came and helped to make it even more special.
Here they are opening gifts, Kathryn (L) left, and Alyssa (R).  They sure got some awesome gifts from everyone!  It was so exciting! 
I wanted to share the party favors we made!  They were called Cowgirl Cookies.  We layered cookie ingredients into mason jars with the recipe on an attached card.  You can see how we made them and get the recipe too here:
It was quite a scene making them at Kathryn's house...we had an assembly line as long as the island in her kitchen, with all the ingredients in the order of how they would be stacked in the jar.  We made 36 of them!
Here is a close up of what the cake said.  Alyssa's wedding is May 12th, and Kathryn's will be on Oct 6th, so now you know why you haven't seen any new ART  lately!
My sister Molly and I, I have the best sister in the world!  
Here's my girls!  I am so proud of the women they have grown up to be, they are my rays of sunshine! I  welcome our future son in law's, Cody Johnson, and Alex Smith, to our family.  I will be sharing some of the wedding pictures with you all!  Hope you all are having as much fun as I am!!