Monday, August 27, 2012

Just A Doodle

The other day I was just relaxing and watching TV, I was in the mood to play in my journal.  It had been a while.  It was fun just drawing and coloring with my markers.  Hope you all enjoy this pretty day!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Art Is Therapy

border strips-Mandy's Magical World of Art & Nancy Baumiller
Crow-Nancy Baumiller
Butterfly- candyn29
Bouquet-Collage Play With Crowabout image

Cat Flower- BeckyF
My latest piece...I bought some new Derwent Inktense Water Color Pencils!  I used a mixture of those, and Neo II Crayons to created the background.  After I smeared the colors together on the page, I came back and went over it in some places where I wanted more color, and did not apply water again.  I drew the flowers and used various markers, mostly Copics on them.  Great fun!  Enjoy the rest of this glorious day!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New ART!

Flowers- Kelly Kautz
Bottom Border- Nancy Baumiller
Rose- Magazine
Top corner spirograph image- Niece Megan Weber

I had such fun last night creating this piece!  I took a break from Art for a long time.  Not because I wanted to, but just had so much going on.  I used Water Soluble Neo II crayons for the background.  I sketched her face on paper, and used colored pencils, then used Copic Markers and graphite pencil on her hair.  I then cut her out and pasted her down.  Hopefully I can get back to my art, because it really makes me HAPPY!  See you all soon!