Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow, so sorry I've been absent for so long. I guess I have just been a little overwhelmed lately. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. I know we did! Now that I've had a little time, I will show you a few things I have been doing. Now, I do not understand this new format thing on to write in between pictures. I am writing this post from my iPad from the Blogger app, so it is different than the way I did it before. Sooo.. as you can see I got into my beads one day and made two bracelets for two friends. Oh, I really loved making them, and look forward to creating some new pieces. These were made of a combination of sterling and crystal beads.

Shhhh... don't tell, but the last group of pictures are of a Valentine box I have made for a gift. Got one more to do, and then I will show you that one. I just bought a cardboard box at Hobby Lobby. The first thing I did was turn the box top over and trace around it onto scrapbook paper. I cut it out and adhered it with Liquiex Matte Medium. I wish it adhered a little better, but I got it to work. Then I drew out a corner shape, cut out four of those, and glued them down. I decided not to collage the entire box, so I picked several colors and sporadically brushed colors all around the sides of the box. I used a combo of matte colors and metallic, because I love the combination. I traced around the bottom to cut out a paper for the bottom of the box, out of the corner paper I used, and glued it onto the bottom. I used bubble wrap painted with some mattes and metallics and tapped those on the bottom and sides going over the paint, to give a more layered look. Then I cut out shapes for the sides, and doodled all over the box with sharpie and glitter pens. Oh how I love my Sakura glitter pens! I also outlined the shapes and corners with them to make them more defined and sparkly! I painted the rim around the top of the box with a gold paint, then also inside the box top to give it some elegance, then doodled all over it. Lastly, I glued a pretty metal embellishment onto the top of the box. I bought it also at Hobby Lobby, by Explorer Traditions (in the beading aisle, by the Vintaj). You should check out this line! Of course I love Vintaj too! Whew! Sounds way more involved than it really was. Today I will start the second one, and it's a rainy day in Georgia, so what could be more fun? Hope you all have a good day, and hope you can carve out some art time! 😃

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Susan said...

Gal, if you did all this from an ipad, you rock. I have had my ipad since April and the most I do is use it as a reader. Did you take the pictures with it also? Anyway, your post looks great. Of course, your jewelry and art look great, but I'm impressed with the post. Keep up the good work!