Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Art

Credits to:
Heart, bottom right corner- Nancy Baumiller
Girl with Umbrella- Suzee Que
Fairy- Land of Nod Studios

Here is a new collage I made yesterday!  I used a piece of scrapbook paper, that I randomly painted, then tore pieces of other papers and glued them onto the background.  I then journaled in the background and hated the way the writing looked.  No matter how much I tried to move on from it, I was never going to like it.  I had drawn lines and written between them...the lines were crooked, so the writing was crooked, and rarely do I like my writing in art journaling.  I need lots of practice!  Anyways, I went back over the journaling with more torn paper, paint and doodles, and once I put new words in, I was happy with it. That is the best thing about collaging, there really are no real mistakes, and if you don't like something, just cover it up!  Alrighty, now I need to get other things done around here.  I have been camped out on the couch with my art and there is stuff EVERYWHERE!  My husband is so sweet, he doesn't say a word!  But, it's getting to me, so I will clean so I can do it alll over again!  Have an artful day!

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Anonymous said...

You made a great recovery! Love this collage.