Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This and That

Took a little walk in the yard yesterday, saw that my Daphne bush is about to burst open and perfume the air. How nice to have something bloom this bleak time of year. Recently we bought and planted a Witch Hazel shrub, that is also supposed to bloom I'm February. As you can see I also found that the Hellebores, or Lenten Roses are waking up! In the picture here, I practically had to stand on my head to get a good close up. They nod downward, so it's hard to see the delicate detail unless you can hold it up. They too bloom this time of year. We haven't had much of a Winter though, so I won't complain! They say we may get snow Friday. We'll see!

The last picture is a bracelet I made for a customer, I'm taking it to her Friday, I hope she likes it! This one is a random array of beads where, all the beads are different except for the two Swarovski cubes that are alike. That's about it for now, have a good night, see you soon!


April Cole said...

Oh such a pretty flower... and what a wonderful piece of jewelry you made.
Look at all those "tiny" flowers, so sweet! :]

Shelly Allred said...

Thank you April! :-)