Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Crazy Week

Two left side borders and Wish border- Nancy Baumiller
 Snail and lady on right- Nancy Baumiller from Collage Play with Crowabout images
Bottom black and white border, and two borders beside lady from Shelly Massey at A Wee Bit Warped
Top side word border- Nancy Baumiller
Here are a couple of new collages I was working on recently.  Hopefully it can be an ART day here today! 
 This happened on Wednesday, when a tornado came across our mountain.  It made a huge mess out of the road and woods, with trees down everywhere.  Luckily there was only minor damage to a couple of neighbors cabins, we were all so very lucky!
Then this happened on Saturday!  We lost power for a couple of days from the tornado, so had to throw away everything in two refridgerators.  We tried to go out on Saturday to restock with groceries when the snow came.....had to turn around and come home!  We managed not to starve to death with stuff we had in the pantry.
Got to make a trip to Dick Blick Art Supplies for these though!  That made everything perfect! Hope I get to play with them today!  It's another rainy day in Georgia, so why not?


Connie said...

Thank the Lord you were not hurt by the tornado. Sorry about you loosing all that food.
Your collage work is amazing:)
I love all the detail . . . and I get lost in it. Beautiful:)

Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Shelly Allred said...

Thank you so much Connie! Glad you liked it! Here visiting my Mom in sunny Fla. for a few days always helps!