Monday, March 25, 2013

Field of Flowers on Canvas

 Just finished this piece on canvas today with the assistance of my sister Molly's, input.  I covered the entire surface with torn papers.  Then I used a combo of acrylics, and watercolor pencils to paint the sky and field.  I came back with Copic, Tombow & Montana Paint markers after sketching out the mountains.  At first she was standing in the field of Sunflowers, with nothing behind her.  Molly suggested the rolling hills and mountains behind her.  I was beginning to feel much better about it all after her suggestion.  Then after that, she told me I should have a villa in the background with a red roof!  Of course Molly!!!  The lady and the villa are the only collaged items in the piece.  I drew them on paper first, then collaged them into the scene.
 Here is a closer view of the lady, showing a little more detail
 This is where she is residing for the moment, on a shelf in my kitchen.
 I drew the villa, but then it was too big, so I copied and reduced the size of it and glued it into the hillside.  Complete with landscaping!  I thanked Molly for being my MUSE, she always knows just what to do about everything!  She said she enjoyed being a part of it, and thinks her ideas came from thinking of an upcoming trip her family is taking to ITALY this summer!  They will stay in a real villa and take pictures of real fields of flowers!  Until I get there, I will paint my dreams on canvas and share them with you!
Even now, I have scents of Lavender waifing through the cabin on this snowy, bleak, windy day on the mountain.  Somehow it helps, and knowing that soon I will get to harvest my own Lavender from my yard! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

House and top border from Crowabout Studio B, Dwelling Kit at
top left borders- Nancy Baumiller
bottom left border- Shelly Massey Art
Created this piece for the Preposterous Painting group on Facebook.  In the group we are given a journal prompt, and collage can be used, but painting has to be involved in some way.  Loved the idea for the group!  I find that it helps me if I have an idea.  Also, I'm trying to challenge myself to paint more.  This weeks prompt was "bird in a hot air balloon"  so I was bound and determined to paint the balloon and the bird!  Everything in the piece was painted, except for the house and borders.  It was fun!  Guess what happened though?  I got the entire piece done, and I had written another quote out.  It took me forever!  The more I looked at it, the more I HATED it!  The lettering was too large and it took away from the images.  I tried to like it, but it bothered me.  So I thought I could paint right over it.  Well the pen from the lettering smeared into a big gray ugly mess.  After a couple of coats of paint I realized it was going to keep smearing.  So I decided to tear up papers and glue down on top of the ugly smeared mess.  After numerous layers of paint and papers, and typed lettering, I was finally satisfied! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Background- littlebrownwren
I drew this girl on a page from an old book.  Cut her out and glued her down.  I used a combination of Copic markers, acrylic paint and pastel chalk on the face.  I also drew and cut out the flower and leaves from the same book.  I used an adhesive flower border by K & Company for her headband. Bought several of them and this is the first one I have used.  I love and adore everything they make!  I got these at Michaels, and they also sell them at JoAnne's. 
Made with images from Crowabout Studio B, Dwelling Kit, at
Loved all the images in this kit!  Can you tell I am ready for Spring?  Really loved the quote by Helen Hayes I found to use.  It said just what I was thinking.  We got more snow last night, I'm hoping that will be the last one.  I hope to maybe work in the yard some, in the next few days.  Time to trim the Clematis, and a few other things!  I'm hoping this snow didn't kill some things.  Somehow it all works out.  Enjoy your evening!