Friday, June 21, 2013

If you read my post before the last post about my Mom, I talked about my Grandfather standing in front of the sunflowers he had planted in his yard, how tall they were.  Well my Aunt shared the very picture we were talking about.  Here it is!  Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Here is a little sketchy I did after being so inspired by Jane Davenport's Whimsical Faces Video!  I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't quit watching it!  She is an amazing artist and teacher.  So fun to watch! I ran to my pencils and my journal to play.  I am not done with her, but just thought I would give y'all a sneak peek and say hello!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Well, here I am.  I bet you can't believe it!  Been busy like everyone these days.  Also, on May 22, my sweet Mom passed away.  Her name was Barbara.  She had M.D.S. (Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a pre-leukemia), that they believe she acquired from chemo she received from a previous diagnosis of Breast Cancer, some years ago.  She was diagnosed with the MDS in July of last year.  She spend a brave hard year ( my dear step dad Donnie, always by her side) doing everything she could to get better.  Unfortunately it did not, and turned into Leukemia.  My sister and I spent a good bit of time in Fla. being with her, and my amazing family and friends beforehand. Those times will always be treasured!  Mom was so many things, she was sincere and caring,  the best listener and friend ever, she was calm, she was and artist, and never would admit it.  She painted for a time in her life.  She painted landscapes.  Serene mountain scenes, that made you want to be right there.  She painted a light house on the beach, and things like that. They were amazing.  She had such a creative eye for detail in everything she touched.  She had amazing taste. She was so funny and fun, with an amazing wit and sense of humor, even in the last days.  We would make her laugh and laugh just talking to her about our days, or something crazy that happened to us, always wanting to know what the grand kids were doing and how they were.  She loved nature, and had such an appreciation for it.  She adored her family, we adored her.  Guess I was thinking about her when I drew Sunflower Girl.  I can't see a Sunflower without thinking of her.  Years ago, a photo was taken of my Grandfather, who we called Bobdaddy.  Bobdaddy was an amazing gardener......he had a yard full of beautiful Roses, Camellia's, Vegetables, flowers, citrus trees and more.  In the picture, he was standing out in front of a row of Sunflowers that he planted behind him.  They were so tall!  Taller than him, that picture just summed him all up for us without any words, and we've all always loved that picture of him.  Years later, Mom gave us a gold sunflower pendant, that I truly treasure. So I started drawing this girl, and I don't really know what happened but she ended up being a Sunflower Girl, and why not? In the original, there is a swirl of a quote in white lettering above her head that says:  "Hold your head high, keep a smile upon your face, and turn your face into the sun" actually it is a verse from an old Jann Arden song.  Sounds like perfect advice to me!  Thinking of you, and missing you Mom!! Now I am ready to go enjoy this beautiful day, and I hope you will too!